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Odd menstrual cycle after baby

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MrsPennyapple Fri 28-Feb-14 15:43:28

DS is now 7mo, I've had three periods since then, they are quite a bit heavier now, and have shortened to a 24 day cycle!

After my period finishes I seem to be ovulating again almost immediately. This month my period finished on Sunday 23rd and by Wednesday 26th I was starting to get egg white type mucus.

I know that cycles get shorter as you get older (I'm 36), and that things take a while to settle down after having a baby. So I'm not sure whether to give it a few more months or see the doctor now. Anyone have any experience of this?

Lauren83 Sat 01-Mar-14 06:34:18

I have no experience of having a baby but its correct you cycles can start shortening when your egg reserve starts diminishing as your body's pumping out a load of hormones trying to keep it working as it should, my cycle dropped to 26 then 24 and now 20 and I have issues with egg reserve, I don't know what the ladies who have given birth might tell you they might say it takes longer to settle down, have you tried ovulation sticks to see if you are ovulating when you get the cm? X

MrsPennyapple Sat 01-Mar-14 09:51:12

Hi, thanks for replying. I haven't checked to see if I actually am ovulating, but I assume I am, because my period then follows roughly two weeks later.

24 days is bad enough, but 20 days... that would be awful. From what I've read on here, mine aren't too bad compared to some, but the first two days are heavy enough that I just dread it coming around.

I've been deliberating what method of long term contraception to go for - reduction in periods is a definite requirement!

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