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Odd noise in my ear

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KurriKurri Wed 26-Feb-14 16:05:23

I've got a weird noise in my ear - had it a couple of weeks now, but it's getting more frequent. Its a kind of clicking and sometimes sounds like a tap dripping inside my ear. Definitely a liquidy sort of a sound. Its very annoying.
Nothing is coming out of my ear - no liquid, no wax or anything.

Obviously I'll go to the doc if it deosn;t go away, but I probably have to wait a couple of weeks for an appt.

Anyone had similar, or can suggest anything I can do?

LemonDough Wed 26-Feb-14 16:07:33

Small insect. Possibly a blow fly larva. They eat brains you know.

Or an earwig, naturally.

KurriKurri Wed 26-Feb-14 16:11:40

I suspected as much Lemon grin - I wouldn't mind if it ate my brain, if it would only stop dicking around in my ear!

PJ67 Thu 27-Feb-14 00:08:35

I had a clicking/thumping sound in my ear for a few months. At first it sounded like my heartbeat but it wasn't in time with my pulse so I knew it wasn't that. I saw an ent doctor and he diagnosed it as a muscle spasm. Luckily it went away of its own accord but was very annoying.

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