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Please help me - prolapse?

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Bridezilla3521 Tue 25-Feb-14 11:01:27

I am 6 months pp, had 3rd degree tear and now have anal fissures that I am currently going through treatment for. I have been suffering from a 'tickley' cough since the end of last week and on Sunday I had quite a few coughing fits. As I was coughing I pulled in on my pelvic floor muscles but since Sunday I have had that 'falling out' feeling. It doesn't feel as bad as that feeling for the first month or so after having DC. I can't actually see anything that has 'fallen out'. I saw my physio yesterday but she just brushed it off and actually ended up discharging me from physio care. Didn't even do an examination. Just said the muscles are weak so you may get that feeling when you cough. Is my physio right or is it something more?

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