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Can you still get dry socket if you have stitches after teeth out?

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olivo Sun 23-Feb-14 20:13:05

If they stitch you up after taking teeth out, does it heal differently? Or is dry socket still a risk?

olivo Sun 23-Feb-14 21:05:12

Hopeful bump.

dyslexicdespot Sun 23-Feb-14 21:07:40

I'm not sure, but I wouldn't wish it on my worst enemy. I hope you don't get it!

crazynanna Sun 23-Feb-14 21:09:12

Yes. I got one with those soluble stitches.

olivo Sun 23-Feb-14 21:11:13


crazynanna Sun 23-Feb-14 21:12:26

Those dissolving stitches that you don't need to go back for them to be removed..not soluble

mawinter Mon 24-Feb-14 07:22:49

Yes, dry socket is still a risk.

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