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dental advice needed! Slightly anxious!!

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junkfoodaddict Sat 22-Feb-14 20:42:56

Bit of history:
I have a cathedral arch which means over-crowding as far as my teeth are concerned, pointy from teeth, as well as coming under the sub-category for cleft palate due to a deformed soft palate - another story!!!
I suffered a fall aged 5 and also due to my mouth shape, teeth had to be extracted aged 10 and then began 3 years of fixed and removable braces.
To a large extent, it worked BUT I was left with a crooked tooth - the little tooth between my two front teeth and my canine.

Over the years, this tooth has bothered me. Now, 25 years later, I cannot smile naturally because it is affecting my self esteem. From many angles it looks as though I'm missing a tooth and I feel ugly. It came to a head when a very honest and 'generally says what she thinks without fear of consequences' seven-year-old asked me what was wrong with my teeth.

I asked the dentist about options to fix it and left slightly confused. She said that it would come under an orthodontist and funding on the NHS stops at 18, I think because it does for everyone or because it is more of a cosmetic issue. She did look more closely and mentioned that it was affecting my bite and 'could be' affecting the gum health (not great yet have an 83 score on denplan!) so I 'think' she might be hoping a consultant may carry out work on the NHS because it is affecting my oral health.

I'm just not sure what the options are except she did mention a bridge.

All of this talk of work is now worrying me - odd I know, as I brought it up and I know I cannot expect work to be carried out without some sort of long involved work. I think I was hoping for a 'quick' general, Bob's your Uncle - done!!! But on googling just the bridges, it looks long and involved requiring many trips and probably discomfort.

I dread the thought of needles for a local (I can STILL 'feel' the one aged 10 when I had teeth removed!) and even going to the dentist fills me with dread, get light-headed and sick because I just dread the scale and polish (she uses a sonic, high pitched 'thing'!)

Can anyone shed any light of possible treatments, what they involve and cost?

I am with denplan and Bupa but the latter only covers oral surgery and wisdom teeth - so I was informed and this is apparently orthodontist work not for an oral surgeon.

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