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Planter warts?

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holidayseeker Sat 22-Feb-14 15:47:01

Are these the same as verrucas?

I have had one for years and didn't know what it was. I went to a chiropodist a couple of years ago and she said she would remove the planter wart but I still have it and today after walking alot yesterday it hurts.

If it's the same as a verruca does that mean it is contagious and what can I do to get rid of it?

Nojustalurker Sat 22-Feb-14 15:52:26

Yes and yes. You need to use over the counter stuff, file off and reapply daily. The aim is to make it hurt so your immune ssytem is aware of it and deals with it.

holidayseeker Sat 22-Feb-14 15:55:14

Great thanks for the reply. For some reason when the chiropodist said planter wart I never connected that with a verruca.

Hopefully it will go now I know how to treat it.

Nojustalurker Sun 23-Feb-14 13:08:37

They can be persistent but just keep treating it. I got lots of them when my immune system was run down. Maybe take a multi vitamin and do whatever else you need to do to improve your immune system.

Earlybird Sun 23-Feb-14 14:27:40

Any chance they will eventually go on their own? DD has a few on the sole of one foot.

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