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How do you find a private gynecologist?

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anyusernamesleft Sat 22-Feb-14 11:19:52

Hi I've been referred to a gynecologist by my Gp for ?cervical etropian/ ?cervical cancer and also referred for an ultrasound scan for ?ovarian cysts confused . I was told by the Gp on Tuesday to expect the scan to take approximately 3-4 weeks but for the gyne appointment to be quick (within two weeks from my appointment on Tuesday).
I rang the doctors yesterday for some test results and asked about the appointment to be told that the doctor was concerned and has asked for an urgent referral but she had only just completed the referral letter so it wouldn't be sent off until Monday or Tuesday which means it probably won't be processed until Thursday or Friday (over a week after initial appointment) and not to expect an appointment for another two weeks after that.
I asked if this was a good sign that the doctor hadn't sorted it sooner and she said no it just means she was busy. The doctor I saw is leaving the surgery at the end of next week and I am worried that I have been overlooked.
Anyway I don't feel comfortable waiting this long so was considering going private. I have no idea where to start. I have searched on the internet but I don't want to just ring anyone I find on there for something so important.
Has anyone got any advice/recommendations for a good gynecologist in Manchester or an idea of where I should look.
Thank you thanks

ProfPlumSpeaking Sat 22-Feb-14 15:06:59

Decide which hospital you want to be seen at. Go on their website and look at the biographies of the gynaecologists. Pick one that specialises in cervical cancer and that has a clinic soon at a time you can make. Check their credentials for anything that is important to you (eg do you want someone who trained at a London teaching hospital? Do you want someone who is an experienced surgeon? Do you want a woman? Do you want someone recently trained, or someone older with more experience? etc) then ring their private secretary and check there would be an appointment for you in the next few days. Explain that a referral letter is coming (ask GP surgery for a copy) and book the appointment. Oh, and find out the price of the consultation and the cost of any likely tests and whether, if anything is discovered, you could then go back onto the NHS track (am assuming you don't have medical insurance...if you do, then you have to check that the consultant you pick is on their approved list - phone and ask). Good luck.

ProfPlumSpeaking Sat 22-Feb-14 15:07:21

I meant to say Good Luck. And remember that most scares are just that - scares smile

BelleateSebastian Sat 22-Feb-14 15:13:16

The Alexandra at Cheadle has a good reputation

0808 101 0337

Good luck, I was thinking about you only this morning.

Matildathecat Sat 22-Feb-14 17:14:49

Consider waiting til Monday morning then phoning the GP secretary and be anxious. Ask her to fax the referral letter to whoever (ask who it has gone to). Then, later in the day call that consultants secretary and find out when the appointment will be. It's ok to be a tiny bit of a pest. It's quite possible you won't save much time by doing the nhs route as private doctors don't necessarily have slots available either. Also, it's not just the consultation you will pay for, the investigations /treatment can be very expensive.

Obviously you want to be seen and treated ASAP but this might be one of those times you could pay a lot for very little difference.

Hope it all turns out well.

Ps did your GP explain that ectropians are harmless and common?

Matildathecat Sat 22-Feb-14 17:15:47

Sorry should have said 'going the private route'.

anyusernamesleft Sat 22-Feb-14 17:25:26

thank you, haven't had much chance to look this afternoon but will have another search when dcs are in bed.
Matilda she did say that they were common and harmless but that there is no way of telling the difference by a simple examination and due to family history and other symptoms she wanted me to get properly checked out.

thenightsky Sat 22-Feb-14 17:29:18

What Matildathecat said. Ring and ask if they've faxed it. Then wait an hour or so, then ring the Consultant's secretary to ask if they've received it.

I'm a medical secretary to a Consultant (not gynae) and I never mind patients ringing when they are anxious and worried. I'm happy to chase stuff up for them, shove things under Consultant's nose etc.

Lauren83 Sat 22-Feb-14 20:46:34

I have a great gynae in Manchester Dr Edi Osagie, he operates from St Mary's and several private clinics, he operated on me twice this year and I can't rate him enough, if you want more details let me know x

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