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Strange itchy rash

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InThisMoment Sat 22-Feb-14 03:25:32

I'm probably going to see the doctor on Monday if I see no improvement but wanted to know if anyone knew what this is.

Last Sunday I noticed small itchy bumps on the right side of my stomach and as the night went on they spread across my stomach and to my chest. They are not clustered but randomly spread about and they aren't filled with anything. Now I have them mainly on my chest, stomach, sides and back. But also some on my forearms and my pubic area. None on my neck, face or legs/feet.

My girlfriend hasn't got them so they can't be from the bed and aren't contagious. I went out the Friday before and drank a lot of wine which I never usually drink so maybe it could be a reaction to that.

The itching is driving me crazy, especially at night...

LightastheBreeze Sat 22-Feb-14 09:30:29

Could be scabies, this does cause intense itching at night. It can be easily cleared up though by getting a lotion from your GP and washing clothes and bedclothes.

I would google scabies and see if it sounds and looks like what you've got. Its a mite so you shouldn't find anything to scary by googling and its something anyone can get.

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