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How would you approach your GP with this?

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MrsBonkers Sat 22-Feb-14 00:14:17

I have number of things that I know I need to mention to my GP.

I have a few health conditions that mean I have to go to my doctor pretty regularly. These are: Depression, Hypothyroidism, Vit D deficiency. I feel like I'm at the surgery a lot (every 2-3 months) and because of this I have let a number of niggley things go.

I have felt pretty stressed lately and decided to take 3 months off work to sort some things out in my head and make some lifestyle decisions, (my 3yr old will be starting school in Sept and I may give up work.)

I've also looked at my health and want to get everything sorted.
For example:
-occasional pain in right ankle meaning I can never wear heels more than 1"
- Lump in breast that I had looked at by GP about 5yrs ago, was told it was 'thickening' but it still bothers me.
- Small lump on eyelid that is growing and now 1 on my back that may be basal skin lumps
- TTC DC2, been trying about a year (I'm 38)
- I'd like my thyroxine increased

I know it sounds like a complete hypochondriac, I just can't remember the last time I felt fully functioning and well. It was years ago. Am I just getting old??? How do I approach GP with all this?

Quagmiretwins Sat 22-Feb-14 00:20:50

I hope when you say you've decided to take 3 months off work to make some lifestyle decisions, you don't mean you'll be paid any kind of sick pay? If you do, it sounds like fraud to me.

hanloumac Sat 22-Feb-14 00:23:07

Book a 20 min apt and write a list! Go through everything that's bothering you!

MrsBonkers Sat 22-Feb-14 01:20:04

No, using up 4 weeks worth of holiday pay and the rest is unpaid.
We are allowed to request an unpaid 'lifestyle break' like this every 3 yrs with the company I work for.
Haven't taken any sick leave since early pregnancy days over 3 years ago, not even a cold. I plan my Dr's appointments in my own time so as not to impact work. that's part of the problem, I only go to doc when I have to, which is why I've let things go.

Proudmummytodc2 Sat 22-Feb-14 02:11:38

Every 2-3 months is nota lot op I'm t
at my GP at least 4/5 times a month unless I'm having good days with my health I have stomach problems, back problems, leg problems, migraine problems ect which require all different trial treatments if you need to be seen you need to go that's what your GP is for to help you with your health and by the sounds of it you really need to have a full check up done and get these health issues seen to good luck hope you are feeling better soon

1966gettingold Sun 23-Feb-14 17:53:04

I recently had to go twice in one day, plus three times in the month before that.

feckawwf Sun 23-Feb-14 18:32:50

Just one thing that stood out for me-the lump in your breast-was that ever checked out properly other than by your GP? I thought they had to test lumps properly rather than just diagnosing "hardening" it could be abso nothing serious but 5years with a lump in your breast that hasn't been checked properly....

addictedtosugar Sun 23-Feb-14 18:46:21

I'd book a double appointment, and then take the list you''ve written above.
Get into appointment, and tell the GP exactly what you've said above - you know your in regularly, but you have a list of niggles you';d like evaluating - and show the whole list. Then the GP can decide what to focus on, or if everything links together to form something.

Twighlightsparkle Sun 23-Feb-14 19:03:57

Hope you get sorted out , I defiantly think you should write everything down and present it to your GO, take it from there.

atomicyoghurt Sun 23-Feb-14 19:11:37

Just ask for a double appointment! I have to do this all the time... I feel like I'm there all the time with the Dds and then do the go for myself for ages a month and have to do a double with a list.

I think the GP likes it when you turn up with a list they can work through. Seems less vague to them.

I also take photos in with me too sometimes (especially of things wrong with the kids that mysteriously vanish in the waiting room)

Am I a freak?

MrsBonkers Mon 24-Feb-14 10:50:59

Thanks for your replies.

Feck, I was just told to go back if it got bigger, painful or changed at all. Then I got pregnant and other things took over, plus my boobs changed anyway.

I will make an appointment this week.

Jollyb Mon 24-Feb-14 13:12:09

Make sure you book a double appointment and choose which issues you want to address first. Personally I would get the breast and skin lumps reviewed first as these are potentially the most serious.

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