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Sacroiliac joint cartilage damage? What to do?

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Tawnydee Fri 21-Feb-14 17:12:24

I would be so grateful for some advice about where we go from here. DP has had lower back pain in Sacroiliac joint area since before Christmas. GP says nothing he can do just take pain killers. physio has signed him off because it's a non standard issue. Exercises were hurting him. He is in agony and can't sit for any length of time. from what he tells me, it's not a problem with the joint but possibly ligament damage in that area.
Is the GP right? Is there nothing he can do? Or should he be pushing for a referral? If so who to?

Matildathecat Fri 21-Feb-14 17:32:15

I have a different spinal injury but recently had an injection into my SIJ and it's actually helped quite a lot. It was done via the Pain Clinic at the hospital I'm under but your GP may have ideas on the easiest/ quickest way of accessing injections because the waits can be brutal. If you have private insurance, however...

I've been told to get injections done with ct guidance as it's the most accurate but not all centres have this available. I had one done privately last year and it cost £910 and didn't really help so try not to pay if possible. It can be very much trial and error.

Not sure if it's an appropriate suggestion but it's been one of the few things that's made any difference to my pain. That, heat plus drugs and rest. Never underestimate heat. We back sufferers love heat (patches or hotties).

The Back Story thread has loads of helpful people and ideas if you'd care to join us.

Tawnydee Fri 21-Feb-14 17:34:12

Thanks Matilda will check that thread.

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