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Been back to the doctors. Meeeeeeeh!!!!!

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Germgirl Fri 21-Feb-14 15:21:58

I posted a few days ago whining about feeling v tired, bloated, nauseous etc. (not pregnant). Just been summoned to the docs to discuss the blood tests I had (blood tests which were a follow up from previous abnormal results)
My liver function & infection markers were abnormal, my fasting blood glucose was a tiny bit high but my HbA1c (marker of glucose lever over past few months) was fine.
Doctor told me I'm depressed, I'm not. I've been depressed in the past & I know what it feels like. She also said I'm overweight & spent ages discussing that.
I know I'm fat, I'm addressing it.
I'm being sent for a liver ultrasound.
On the nausea / tiredness / fainting issue - no idea, wait to see if it goes away.
I came home & wept.
So. No further on really. sad

MegGriffin Fri 21-Feb-14 17:23:14

Sorry to hear that. I hope you get to the bottom of what is making you feel unwell. thanks thanks

livelablove Fri 21-Feb-14 17:39:41

Sorry to hear that, it would be much better if the g.p just said they don't know what is wrong. I suppose they are just looking for something it could be but it is not very good to say you are depressed when you aren't. Seems like the first thing is to look at the liver test results, also if you do have an infection of some kind find out what that is. Once you get the results from that test if there is still no answer maybe see a different doctor. Don't be fobbed off with depressed if you feel this is wrong. Another thing to consider might be food allergies, they would fit with some of the stomach related symptoms and fatigue but not all, but it would be easy to try an allergy diet for a week and see if it helped at all. A lot of Drs don't believe in food I tolerances so they wouldn't consider it. That is just an idea but like I say you could try it out easily and it may help a bit. Also if it doesnt help you could rule out this cause of your problems.

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