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Slight dimple by nipple

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augustusglupe Fri 21-Feb-14 09:02:21

I feel a bit daft really because I have already been to the GP about this and she referred me, but said she didn't think it was anything to worry about and as it was so slight. I went private as I have seen the consultant before, history of breast cysts and fibrous tissue. Anyway off I go and the consultant was lovely, just said 'mmmm...' said as I only had a mammogram last summer she'd send me for a scan. Saw consultant radiologist for the scan and he took ages and explained everything looked normal, just quite a few little cysts. They seemed happy, so out I came, yet I don't know why, I just feel worried. When I lean forward it just seems a little flat. It is the slightly smaller breast to the other, so maybe it's just that. Once I'd had the ultrasound they seemed to think I should be reassured so why aren't i??

Elibean Fri 21-Feb-14 09:40:35

Because you're human smile

I can totally relate. I've had dimples, thickened tissue, all sorts over the last 15 years (basically since perimenopause, IVF and babies - not in that order!) and all fine.

But I've had my bouts of mistrust, and the main things that have helped that are time/experience and dh, who is more pragmatic than me.

You're right to get any worry checked out though, well done for so doing!

augustusglupe Fri 21-Feb-14 20:38:44

Elibean, thank you for replying!! Just got in.
Yeah I know, think sharing it just helped smile Your so right, I know I've
done the right thing getting it checked and it's fine!! I almost asked the consultant if he knew what he was doing...oh dear!! But that's just me!!
My DH is great too, he's told me he can't really see any least I'm laughing!! now got a Carry On Doctor scene in my head grin Will just keep an eye on it though, thanks again for words of wisdom!!

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