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Life insurance and pre existing medical conditions - who provides your cover?

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PavlovtheCat Fri 21-Feb-14 08:37:08

Can I ask who you use for life insurance cover, in particular if you have a pre existing health condition.

I have two, but actually the one that causes me day to day problems is probably not the one going to be as much of a problem!

1. Horseshoe kidney. One kidney. Found incidentally during MRI for back problems. Ultra sound shows it is perfectly healthy. Recent blood tests shows kidney function is normal. But I guess this May affect my premium?

2. Misaligned vertebral disc, and what is probably but not formally yet, termed as failed back surgery? (Not failed IMO as the reason for it has sorted). Long term, disabling back pain. Had discectomy in 2013.

How much might my premiums be affected. DH has cover with legal and general and I keep forgetting to sort mine out, shall I just go with them, or are there better ones to go to?

PavlovtheCat Fri 21-Feb-14 08:38:10

I don't think either of these conditions are life limiting, but I think they may potentially see that my kidney could be a problem, despite a third of people never knowing about it and it often only being found during autopsy!

MikeWazowski Fri 21-Feb-14 08:44:37

I thought they were only concerned about pre-existing conditions you had had treatment for in the last couple of years, that sounds vague though and I could be wrong. Sorry, that's not very helpful at all is it!

PavlovtheCat Fri 21-Feb-14 08:47:27

I am not sure. I have had treatment, and have ongoing 'treatment' for my back pain. No treatment needed for kidney as there is nothing wrong with it, just only have one super one!

PavlovtheCat Sat 22-Feb-14 10:01:59

all sorted! I just got insured by legal and general with no additional premium hike! They just had to send it to the underwriters to review my application, and they could not offer the 'fee waiver' which means they pay my premium if I can't work due to disability for more than 26 weeks due to previous sickness and potential future sickness absences. But, I didn't expect that until I got to the end of the application so that's ok! And tbf, a reasonable judgment call from their point of view as it's entirely possible!

MikeWazowski Sat 22-Feb-14 23:53:35

That sounds like a good deal Pavlov, I'll bear them in mind when I review my cover,

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