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Life with a Pacemaker

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MollyDunbar Thu 20-Feb-14 17:45:08

Hi I'd just like to ask if any of you out there have a pacemaker or know someone who has one?

My partner has had one for nearly ten years now ( for AV block) and is about to go in to have the battery replaced. Has anyone any experience of this and is it anything to worry about? Will it be a big op under GA or will it be done under local?

Also, DP sometimes complains that he has a pain in his heart and has funny turns sometimes when he feels a bit weird and like he can't walk. He has mentioned this to the doctors but all his tests come back fine and they don't seem concerned about it. He has never blacked out. I would just like to know if this is normal for life with a pacemaker?

Many thanks

MaisOuiMaisOui Thu 20-Feb-14 22:47:51

Hi Molly, I used to work with pacemakers so know a little bit about them.

A 'battery' change is straightforward. They will use local anaesthetic to numb the area then open the old skin wound, take out the old pacemaker and connect a new one. They will then test everything to make sure all is well. So very straightforward.

The funny episodes your DP has should be mentioned to the consultant he sees. They would usually monitor his heart for a week or more by sending him home with a portable monitor of some sort, in response to symptoms like that. Then the traces can be reviewed and any issues identified. Perhaps they have already done this...

Hope all goes well and try not to worry. It really is routine.

MollyDunbar Fri 21-Feb-14 15:25:40

Hi MaisOuiMaisOui

Thank you for taking the time to answer my post. He had pericarditis recently and after his treatment finished they did all the tests of his heart and said everything was fine. I've pushed him to go back to the doctors as his funny turns may not even be related to his heart.

He really is a stick head in sand person whereas I'm the opposite and very proactive when it comes to health.

Would you know if people with a pacemaker have a shorter life expectancy in general or does it really vary as to the underlying reason for the pacemaker?

Thanks again

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