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DD aged 7 has hurt her wrist. Advice please.

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PavlovtheCat Thu 20-Feb-14 15:15:25

She was standing on a stool that she should not have been on, to give DH a hug goodbye as he left for work. She was jumping about and even as DH said to her to stop larking about as she might fa... She fell off, sort of sideways says she tried to right herself but not enough space, landed awkwardly, curled up. Landed on her west but think although not 100% sure that she landed on the side/back of it, rather than than palm down, I as paying more attention to whether her head was going to hit the wall (you know those fast motions but that appear to be slow motion situations where you cannot move to stop it in time). She' didn't hit her head, luckily.

She is not a huge moaner. She has broken her wrist before and was really quite quiet, moaning not crying. But, that time it was very obvious her wrist as broken, as she fell off monkey bars, landed on her outstretched hand and bone was clearly the wrong angle.

She cried a lot, said her wrist on one side (when she hit it I think) hurt, and the whole of her guy wrist and fingers were tingling. She can move her fingers ok, but they hurt a little, which seems to have eased as at first she cried to move them., however, she says her wrist hurts when she moves her fingers. She can move her wrist, but it hurts. She has got my heat pad as I can't get into fridge to get ice (my own back has 'gone') and has had calpol. There doesn't seem to be swelling, after about 45 mins.

She is still upset, holding it with her other hand, and despite distraction with a film, keeps complaining of pain, with a proper furrow on her face.

Could she have a broken bone on the hand or something? Even Wight swelling? When she broke it last time, she broke both bones in her lower arm, just before the wrist, and had them pushed back in place, but as I said, it was clearly a break, swollen and she was in much much more pain that this and in shock so we could not even touch it. This time she is not in distress like that time, but not happy about it.

I have read that sprains are that common, but could it be a sprain? I would normally just wiz her to walk in clinic to be checked but can't walk myself due to back pain, so will need to wait for DH to come home. I can get him home earlier if needed, but not surge if I a just being over anxious mother likely as I always go to shit if my babies are hurt or ill

PavlovtheCat Thu 20-Feb-14 15:17:36

So many typos blush iPad auto correct is shite

Matildathecat Thu 20-Feb-14 16:08:18

Blimey, pavlov, your entire household needs to get to a&e at this rate. If she's still mopey and sore I'd be thinking about getting it checked in case she's got a fracture on the original site. When ds broke his wrist it wasn't all that painful but I could tell from his manner that it wasn't right.

Hope she's ok and your poor back is un- spasming. Def a job for DH. Could he get his knee checked, too if it's still painful? Sort of bulk buy?!

ChestyNut Thu 20-Feb-14 16:50:59

I'd take her to minor injuries to check it out.

2whippetsnobed Thu 20-Feb-14 16:56:41

Sorry but it does sound like you need to get this checked out properly.

IsletsOfLangerhans Thu 20-Feb-14 17:07:02

My daughter fell and knocked her wrist last year and was more distressed than normal. There was no swelling, normal movement of fingers etc, but I could tell by the way she was reacting that there was something wrong. I took her to a & e and then started to think it might just be a sprain as she seemed fairly okay whilst we were there. However, it turned out to be a non-displaced fracture which required a simple plaster bandage on for 4 weeks. Sounds similar from what you describe....

PavlovtheCat Thu 20-Feb-14 18:26:17

matilda we are definitely having family pain levels tested! DD pointed that out too! I am not ok but will post later on other thread.

DD is much much happier. She is moving her hand more, but can't grip or keep weight on it without pain. No swelling, but hurts around wrist and top of hand to touch. Need to monitor as she is not really a complainer but she is laughing and joking around as usual, just comments when it hurts, but then, she as laughing and joking with doctors in hospital telling them all about how she broke it, by the time we got to hospital!

DH is home, thinks she is ok, probably just bruised. We will keep an eye til morning with calpol and then take her to walk in centre or a&e if still causing her pain.

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