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Very sore ankle and red, sore patch on back (not connected)

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EloiseintheSun Wed 19-Feb-14 23:42:52

1. Dropped a hard object on my ankle before Christmas - becoming increasingly painful and walking, especially (though I do it a lot) is uncomfortable. Ignored it for too long but recently went to the GP who organized an x-ray. Radiologist said there's no fracture (if there was, he'd sent me off to A&E) and is therefore sending the x ray to his consultant and thence to my GP. When I first saw the GP, he thought we were looking at a chipped bone - certainly something hard like bone juts out a bit and the surrounding area is a bit green. Hurts when I make any sudden ankle movement.

Glad it's not fractured or broken but wondering what to do. Wait a week to see the GP with the full x ray result or take myself to A&E? Seems daft to do so - the radiologist seemed clear - but the discomfort and general stiffness is such that it's hard to think it's all that innocent an explanation like bruising. Any ideas? Thanks!

2. Red patch on back, one side of spine and been there for months - GP thought shingles so put me on anti viral meds. The red patch is less red and there is no sign of blisters. Back burns a bit and aches. But would shingles inevitably bring me out in blisters? Had a bout a few years ago which started with blistering skin. This time there's no sign of that so I'm wondering if I could be looking at something else?


KurriKurri Thu 20-Feb-14 08:48:44

I'm not sure about the ankle - if it were me I would go back to GP before the week is up and ask for advice even though your results are not in yet.

Regarding the back soreness - I've had shingles several time and IME the anti virals stop the blistering coming out, but don't do much to stop the pain, so it could be possible this is what you are experiencing.
But again I would check, it seems that you have had the red patch quite along time for it to be shingles, I'd go and ask - it might be some other skin problem they could give you some cream for, or if it is a lingering shingles problem (I have nerve damage from mine - post herpetic neuralgia - so the area continues to hurt after the actual attack has gone) you can get specific nerve pain tablets (I take amytriptiline) which help a bit.

Hope you feel better soon smile

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