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Does anyone know anything about cysts?

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TheOneWithTheHair Wed 19-Feb-14 22:26:31

I had a cyst removed at the end of October. It got infected and didn't heal well. When I went back to the consultant, I asumed he would just give me antibiotics but he said I need the operation again. He said the type of cyst was very rare and was in the deep tissue and not the skin.

I was assured that the cyst is harmless but if not removed properly it could come back. I have no idea what this type of cyst is called or how they are going to sew me back together. It's on my lower leg and the skin is already stretched from last time.

Does anyone have any ideas or can anyone tell me who to ask or how to find out?

Thank you.

TheOneWithTheHair Thu 20-Feb-14 08:42:43


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