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Gallbladder pain?

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Twighlightsparkle Wed 19-Feb-14 19:59:53

I know I have a gallstone, as I had an ultrasound over a year ago.

However I was never convinced the pain I get is caused by anything to do with gallbladder. More central pain and not severe enough.

Five days ago I started with really bad discomfort/ pain in the middle of my chest, worse when sneezing or coughing. Last night it moved to the right , just under my boob , still high up I think for gallbladder. Excruciating isn't the word.

I lay awake tossing and turning for 6 hours then fell asleep, I woke up back to the middle discomfort I'd had.

I've had twinges on and off all day, went to GP, took blood to check liver function and pancreatic something .

To hand in a stool sample for helicobacter.

Question is, has anyone had gallbladder trouble present with " middle chest pain"

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