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Bruised, tender lump

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NervousAttack Wed 19-Feb-14 10:15:18

I've got a tender section of my breast, certain positions feel like a lump but difficult to tell if different from normal tissue other than the pain. a little hard but..
Felt worse after removing my bra last night, but only notice it day before last due to similar tenderness.

How long should I wait before getting it checked, shall I give it a few days/week first and see if pain goes - give the bra a rest?

Maverick66 Wed 19-Feb-14 19:50:41

Go ahead and make an appointment with your GP? Do you find it more noticeable prior to your period? I have had similar symptoms to you in recent weeks. GP referred me to breast clinic. Consultant couldn't feel any lump so I had a mammogram there still was no sign of any lumps but they did a scan of my breast and saw several small cysts. They drained cysts there and then. (Similar to having blood taken) I have had no problem since smile hope this helps.

NervousAttack Thu 20-Feb-14 16:37:25

Thanks. I have had a couple of checks before but this one is different, very similar to when I had a blocked duct when breast feeding. I'll leave it until Monday and if not gone, I'll check with the nurse before booking with the GP.

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