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TMI - my vajazzle!

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gettingabitworriednow Tue 18-Feb-14 21:38:44

Ok here goes - I'm embarrassed about this...
Two super embarrassing problems down there:
Firstly, I have a terribly itchy fanjo. Not inside, but on my outer lips and clitoral area. There are a couple of very red sore patches there. I am treating it with OTC thrush cream and it's feeling much better after 2 days but hasn't cleared up. Any advice? Should I go to doctor? Is it an emergency appt? If I wait til I can get an appt it will either have gone or I will die of itching. But there again, it's not really an emergency is it?

Second problem - ongoing really. I hate the way my vagina looks: the lips dangle outside a bit and one is very obviously bigger than the other. Has anyone had surgery to have them reduced and can you tell me anything about cost, pain and time, including recovery time?

I'm not a troll, just a really embarrassed person who could do with some advice. Thanks

shouldnthavesaid Wed 19-Feb-14 00:03:45

I had surgery on the nhs a couple of years ago to reduce the lips and clitoral hood area - not going to lie, initially my mum was told I needed the surgery when I was 3, then I was referred at 16, and not operated on til age 20. They needed a LOT of proof of medical issues (I had fissures, eczema, dermatitis, cysts, callouses and transparent areas of skin, plus a rather large mole and reduced sensation/sensitivity), clear psychological reports and I had to see two different doctors.

Was an overnight stay in hospital, done under epidural but usually done under general I was told (though I was the first case in my local nhs for years). Wasn't sore after the op for a while due to the epidural and due to the fact they gave me further local anaesthetics just post theatre to numb it for longer. I ended up needing codeine eventually and was told if it was any worse I could have had a PCA pump.

I had I think thirty stitches in total - meant to be dissolvable but some had to be removed by the nurse at the surgery, and they were there for at least 4 weeks all in all.

Recovery - very, very swollen (like a Jaffa orange), very bruised and I had a horrible discharge/bleeding for a fortnight. The swelling went down within 7 days but it was longer before I could comfortably walk.

I did need to see a GP or nurse daily for a week and had a home visit first day after discharge for stronger painkillers (co dydramol).

If you did go for it it's a long hard slog really - it isn't easy, and should be an absolute last resort. There are some basic OTC treatments and some prescribed treatments that can help more - you want to keep the area moisturised, clean and free of infection. Your GP or sexual health centre should be able to help you achieve this. In most cases I think they would want you to have trials of more conservative treatments first.

For me it was very much worth it - I was at the point of struggling to walk and sit, and was in constant pain. Aesthetically it did bother me - even on the galleries on embarrassing bodies and that, I have never yet seen a vulva that looked like mine did.. however I don't think I'd have put myself through the op if it were that alone, iyswim?

I think it's actually a normal variant for them to hang out a bit - it's just a problem when they cause you pain, or severe psychological upset (e.g. If you decided you fancied whipping them off yourself, I guess).. Can be hard though - I have been told I looked weird before, and I still cringe when hearing the term 'beef curtains' etc, etc. I can see why someone would want to change them based on that - I worried awfully about sex when I was a teen, as I couldn't fathom how he was meant to get in with all that bloody mess in the way. as it happens when I asked a doctor about it she confided she was the same and explained that she pulls apart for sex and that, so it isn't an impossibility but still..

You hear a lot as well about the anti labiaplasty thing, a lot, and whilst there is a place for it, there's equally a place for surgery to solve or at least reduce chronic medical problems. I always say I've saved the nhs money as I don't need regular gynae appts and constant medications!

What I would do - for both the itching (though keep going with the thrush cream, and maybe try the pessary or tablet as well) and the labia, is chat to your GP (or even better, visit your local sexual health service). Hopefully your GP/sex clinic can sort out the itchiness (which could be any number of things, unfortunately) and hopefully they might be able to refer you on to gynaecology for a chat. If it were purely aesthetic they might be able to refer you to a psychosexual clinic (which is not awful, just a place to have a chat about your self and your feelings towards your sexuality, bits, etc - can help at times) or something. Of course you'd still have the freedom to decide to go private (can't tell you how much as have never researched it, but avoid anyone who offers you just a local or anything advertised as speedy!!) but I would honestly hope you wouldn't put yourself through it unless it's really causing you problems functioning in normal life.

Hope I have helped a bit - please feel free to pm me at any time x

Also - we have a lovely supportive thread calling 'fudging Fanjos' for ladies with any sort of gynae problem, will send you a link if you like? smile x

shouldnthavesaid Wed 19-Feb-14 00:04:14

Good God sorry when I start talking I don't stop blush!!

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