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Breast lump worry.

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songlark Mon 17-Feb-14 23:44:57

Have had an underarm lump before which went on its own, doctor said it was a cyst. I've recently had another one which doctor said is probably infection and prescribed an antibiotic, then said he thought that there seemed some excess breast tissue actually in the breast and said just to put my mind at rest he'd send me to breast clinic, this is about 2 weeks away. Bit worried, wondering if he thought the excess breast tissue was a sign something's wrong. Please can anyone put my mind at rest and tell me this is common?

goshhhhhh Tue 18-Feb-14 07:40:56

I think he is being cautious - which is good. My friend had excess breast tissue &bead fine. Another had a third nipple under armpit. It is more coomon than you would think. I can't say it isn't anything as that would be wrong. Just try not to overly worry (easy for me to say) as it won't help & if the GP was really worried you would be seen quicker. Hope that helps & happy to check in with you if it helps.

malteserzz Tue 18-Feb-14 08:30:59

2 weeks is standard for breast changes and he's just being sure as he can't tell from looking and feeling if it's serious or not. Most likely it's fine I know lots of people who have been to the breast clinic and had good news.

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