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GP or wait?

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Winterbluessummersoonish Mon 17-Feb-14 09:55:13

GP appointment or wait?
Last night in the middle of the night I got a pain behind my ear in my neck. I could and still can feel a small hard lump. The area is painful as if the lump is pressing on a nerve or something. It is level with my ear lobe and the area hurts just sitting here - I can get GP appointments easily today or tomorrow- but do you think the GP will think I should have waited a bit longer? I am a bit run down so could be a gland, but more pea sized and hard - anyway OH said he would not go to a doctor, so any other thoughts/opinions welcome?

chocoluvva Mon 17-Feb-14 09:59:14

I'd go. It could be a (random) cyst that will need treatment. If it's just a spot you might be given an antibacterial or antibiotic cream for it.

Winterbluessummersoonish Mon 17-Feb-14 10:40:26

Thanks for replying, it's not red or a different colour - if I lift up the skin/move the skin the lump stays which made me think it's not a spot.

But could be a cyst under the skin?

It is strange as it is rock hard, causing the wider area to be painful but it feels a bit minor to take an appointment-

Will review at lunch and ring for an appointment if still sore -

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