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problems with my legs. help please.

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mouseymummy Sun 16-Feb-14 19:44:07

With each of my dcs I've had epidurals. Dd1 was a VB and dd2&ds were cs.

Ds was born 21 weeks ago, when I had the epi with dd2, it was quick and simple and I felt it working up both legs and was numb in what felt like seconds, but with ds, it hurt and my leg randomly kicked out. It took a good ten minutes to feel numb and didn't work fully on my left side for another 5/10 mins.

Now I have this issue. In the last few weeks I've noticed that if I'm still for over 20 mins or so(doesn't happen often!) my lower leg starts to tingle. It feels like something is tickling my bones iyswim.

On a night, my legs go dead. If I'm laid on my left side my right leg will go dead and I'll wake up in pain. It feels like someone has repeatedly battered my leg for a few minutes and I occasionally get pins and needles in my feet when the feeling returns.

This is starting to happen most nights now and I'm getting sick of being woken up by pain!

Could this be related to the epidurals? I've not had any other issues with my legs previous.

I'm thinking if booking in to see a doctor tomorrow, I just wanted to canvass opinion prior to booking as I don't want to waste anyone's time.

AttilaTheMeerkat Sun 16-Feb-14 19:48:12

I would get this checked out medically; you would not be wasting the doctors time by having this further investigated.

mouseymummy Mon 17-Feb-14 11:28:50

I have an appointment with the doctor on Thursday. Thank you

KateMoose Mon 17-Feb-14 21:47:54

It does sound like it might be. I would ask to be referred, possibly back to the anaesthetist who performed the epidural in the first place.

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