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minor burn - infected?

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MrsSippie Sun 16-Feb-14 15:47:06

I am totally paranoid. A few weeks ago i had a hideous experience where a surgical wound got infected, burst open and necessitated a frightening three days in hospital attached to drips and all sorts. That's fine now, but last week I burnt my thumb making a hot water bottle. It blistered and burst and I went to my practice nurse who dressed it and said to keep an eye on it. It's got worse and looks red and scabby with green scabs forming. I'm pretty sure it's slightly infected but am terrified that if I wait until tomorrow to see a doctor or nurse it will explode overnight! I know i'm being irrational not the incident before was so terrifying (blood and pus shooting across the room and emergency dash to hospital etc) that I cannot think straight. Please reassure me that it will be ok until tomorrow. It's not completely awful, but a bit painful and red round the edges. I am so distressed i've taken some diazepam to calm me down (prescribed as I was so disyraught about the whole adnominal explosion! I don'tt want to trek to a and e for an inch long minor burn but I just need reassurance!

MrsSippie Sun 16-Feb-14 17:42:33


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