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Probably as embarassing as you can get :-(

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CanHardlyTellRLFriends Sun 06-Aug-06 18:37:20


But there is no way on earth I am keeping my real name for this one.Feel free to call me a troll, but if one person answers then that will do for me

OK- Here goes
Last night I had anal sex with OH, was fine no real pain just a bit sore this morning. In the house then this afternoon, I broke wind and faeces came out
Please someone reassure me that this is not a side effect of anal sex

Thanks in advance

CanHardlyTellRLFriends Sun 06-Aug-06 18:43:03

No-one is actually going to admit to having anal sex are they?

Can't one of you name-change just to reassure me?

Quootiepie Sun 06-Aug-06 18:45:36

OH MY! im sorry, but i have to laugh. Ive heard anal sex can make you incontinent (cant spell).

fuzzywuzzy Sun 06-Aug-06 18:46:09

dunno ring nhs direct??? Have you ever had this previously after anal sex???

sorry no experience....

CanHardlyTellRLFriends Sun 06-Aug-06 18:48:18

Oh don't say that I dont want to be incontinent
First time and last by the looks of it

NotQuiteCockney Sun 06-Aug-06 18:48:57

What sort of lube did you use? Glycerine-based lubes cause quite a lot of looseness, I think.

LadyTophamHatt Sun 06-Aug-06 18:48:59

I've never done it that way but in all honesty I wouldn't be that surprised if that happened after.

I'd be freaked out and embarrassed too but wouldn't be really surprised.

stitch Sun 06-Aug-06 18:49:01

hmm, never had anal sex as just repels me.
but having read lots of dan savages advice, i think i am quite knowledgable about it
santorum, named after soome american anti gay senator is the frothy mix of ssemen and faieces that comes out after /during anal sex.

as for the farting, well, the anal sphincters are meant to keep stuff in, and if you mess around with them, then they may malfunction. as in they are supposed to be one way, but if you force them to be two ways, they may be a bit confused for a while.

NotQuiteCockney Sun 06-Aug-06 18:50:00

Oh, yes, presumably thanks to semen + lube there was more liquid up there than usual, making it easier to mistake, um, fecal mater for air?

Carmenere Sun 06-Aug-06 18:50:06

Sorry no advice but your post did remind me of the other day when I asked dp to get me some tampax on his way home from work and he said 'ok but I don't like doing it incase people think I am a gay man with anal seepage'(sp?). It had never occurred to me that men would use tampons for that charming reason!

That's not going to make you feel better is it, sorry

CanHardlyTellRLFriends Sun 06-Aug-06 18:52:07

Phew Glad it's reasonably normal
We used vaseline btw

hahahahaha Sun 06-Aug-06 18:52:45

Are you worried about the "incontinence" effect sometimes suffered by gay men or something?
On the premis that you haven't been bum-buggered for the last 20 years on the hour every hour, I imagine it was just semen giving you rectal irrigation (TMI ). (Am assuming it was a small bit and not a huge lump?)
Had you had a movement inbetween having anal sex and your embarassment?

QueenEagle Sun 06-Aug-06 18:54:06

Why on earth are people so British about anal sex fgs!?

Listen, CHTRLF - if you did it without a condom then the semen and lube if you used that too have got to come out somehow. It will make for very squitty farting for a day or two after and very likely a minor follow through as well. Perfectly normal as far as I know.

One thing though - even if this is with a regular partner such as your dh - always use a condom for the sake of both of you.

It will not make you incontinent and btw, if you enjoy it and know what to expect in the way of after effects, then just ENJOY!!! No need to be embarrassed by it.

bran Sun 06-Aug-06 18:55:36

I'm pretty sure you're not meant to use vaseline as an intimate lubricant in any orifice. I've (ahem) heard the standard advice is to use a condom and lots of water-based lubricant for anal sex.

CanHardlyTellRLFriends Sun 06-Aug-06 18:58:07

Thanks QE I'm not ashamed of the fact I had anal sex, just the fact I shat through my jeans whilst cooking sunday lunch!!!!!!!!!

I'm reassured now, so let us just sweep this little incident under the carpet now

FanjoFanjoWhosGotTheFanjo Sun 06-Aug-06 19:05:29

Bran is right, vaseline is not a good lube. KY is pretty good. (I don't think it's glycerine based.) Astroglide ditto.

WideWebWitch Sun 06-Aug-06 19:07:06

my face is all screwed up from reading this thread, ewwww but glad you got your answer whoeveryouare

expatinscotland Sun 06-Aug-06 19:10:40

Dan Savage! PMSL! He is one funny columnist. I'm a reader and a fan.

Anal isn't for me, but hope you feel better soon.

expatinscotland Sun 06-Aug-06 19:21:59

also, FWIW, yes, this is more embarrassing than any mooncup thread.

expatinscotland Sun 06-Aug-06 21:30:08


NotQuiteCockney Sun 06-Aug-06 21:43:06

I'm just proud that nobody said "UCM, is that you?"

Oh, wait ...

SpaceCadet Sun 06-Aug-06 21:51:29

glad you got your answer, if you have used lubricant and not used a condom then this serves as a sort of mini enema so what you experienced is perfectly normal(i have never had anal sex btw!)

expatinscotland Sun 06-Aug-06 21:52:59

Speaking in her capacity as a nurse.


Serious aside question, though: do pelvic floor exercises help that sort of continence, too?

SpaceCadet Sun 06-Aug-06 21:57:15

yes in my capacity as an(ex) nurse..honest!

crazydazy Sun 06-Aug-06 21:58:08

How can any woman enjoy anal sex? I suppose gay men (receivers) haven't really got much option have they? I wonder if they take it in turns being givers and receivers?

Have tried it and it wasn't pleasant, DP would argue but have told him if he's not happy with what nature intended then tough basically.

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