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I've ovedosed on iron, will I be ok? 964mg daily

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Handsup Fri 14-Feb-14 14:57:25

I was prescribed ferrous fumerate 210mg x3 for low ferritin (heavy periods). When the pack has finished I normally buy a new pack minus prescription because it seems to work out a bit cheaper. So ...after taking new pack since Wednesday, noticed I've been headachey, thirsty with a dodgey tum decided to check the dosage of new pack and it's 322mg which I've been taking x3 which according to google I've been overdosing several days. Am I being dramatic or should I call my GP surgery for advice?

2old2beamum Fri 14-Feb-14 15:30:33

My advice would call your GP or the NHS help line as too much iron can be dangerous but can't remember the levels. Please call now

Handsup Fri 14-Feb-14 18:49:13

Thanks for the advice. Called NHS direct and they said I should call or they would call an ambulance based on my symptoms. I assured them I'd be fine driving and definitely didn't feel like A&E material confused.
Hospital was great (I was in and out in 50 minutes) - apparently I was not in the toxic range but did the right thing in getting checked out.

2old2beamum Fri 14-Feb-14 19:08:22

Thank you for letting me know. Many years ago when I was a student a 2year old ate all his mum's iron pills Different with children but I will never forget.It was awful.
Moral of this post read the label

So glad you are ok

EnlightenedOwl Sat 15-Feb-14 17:03:31

I get my iron off prescription (ferrous fumerate) but as you have realised you do need to be careful you are getting the right strength.

2old2beamum Sat 15-Feb-14 21:00:21

Thanks for letting me know.....I was concerned.

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