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Talk me though having the 'flu' or a migraine

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redrubyindigo Thu 13-Feb-14 23:01:42

I have experienced both and I would not have got out of bed for 10 grand when I (once) had the flu. I was in bed for five days and was still aching after 10 days.

I had migraines as a child. Even my hair hurt to touch it. I had peripheral vision, vomiting and a headache beyond belief and slept for 24 hours after an attack.

Megbeth Fri 14-Feb-14 13:36:47

I rarely get sick but one Xmas the day before Xmas eve I got the flu. I had it for 3 weeks. I couldn't lift my head up from the pillow, just slept & slept. I couldn't eat & was so low I kept on crying. I was self employed at the time so lost so much money. I ended up with sinusitis & was deaf in one ear for a week. I think if I had been elderly I would have died. It took me months to feel better after that flu..
In 17 years since then I have 2 colds & 1 mini flu. I just don't get sick.
I have had migraines but I know my triggers certain foods & not enough sleep. I can cope with the head ache but just hate the nausea.

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