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Periods close together and bloating

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Used2bthin Tue 11-Feb-14 21:40:19

Two things which could be related or it could be coincidence? I have started taking citalopram and the bloating seems to be worse /noticeable since then and a quick google shows it can cause this but usually with heartburn etc too which isn't such a problem to me.

I look pregnant and its really uncomfortable.

In January I had two periods, one on the 1st then the next on the 21st, I used to have a 21 day cycle but it feels like I am spending so much time on the lead up to a period, feeling irritable, bloated etc and am wondering if that's what this recent bloating is, so presumably am about to have another period.

I will chat with my GP but just wondered if anyone knows how normal it is to have such a fast (seems to be speeding up!) cycle and whether its maybe an age thing? Or advice on bloating when there are no other symptoms to relieve ? Thank you!

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