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Has anyone else had this?

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drudgewithagrudge Tue 11-Feb-14 11:42:29

Started Saturday with tiredness,nausea and general malaise. By Saturday night high temperature very painfull cough bad headache and joint pains. Sunday could hardly get out of bed to go to the loo still felt sick and feverish. Had to get up yesterday morning because of awful diarrhoea.

Husband went down with it today.

Can't be flu because we have had the jab. Has anyone else had it.

drudgewithagrudge Tue 11-Feb-14 12:55:17

Looks like I'm the only one.

mercibucket Tue 11-Feb-14 12:58:52

you can still get flu, depends what strain it is
maybe another nasty virus?
hope you feel better soon

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