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2nd MMR tomorrow - help, anyone's children had it??

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juniper68 Tue 09-Mar-04 09:53:54

My little boy 3 1/2 is having his second MMR tomorrow and I'm really worried as My eldest went v strange after his 2nd. I'm in a real dilemma about it and know I should have made up my mind by now. My eldest is ok now though as my homeopath gave him a remedy that helped. Any input would be greatly appreciated.

Jimjams Tue 09-Mar-04 10:00:53

3 1/2 is quite young- there's plenty of time if you're not ready yet. If you're not happy postpone it until you've read as much as you want to and have made the decision you're happy with. If you don't want to get into a battle about it with the surgery just tell them he's been throwing up all night and you're postponing. Or just tell them you want to have more time to decide. I postponed ds2's baby jabs 3 times before deciding not to give them to him- I never had any hassle from the surgery. They're usually much more understanding than you would expect them to be.

sb34 Tue 09-Mar-04 10:57:01

Message withdrawn

Janh Tue 09-Mar-04 11:13:08

FWIW I have refused all MMR boosters for all my kids. They keep trying to give them later on too - DS1 is 15 and I've refused 3 times for him - at pre-school, Y6 and Y9 (IIRC - which I possibly don't! I think there may have been epidemic predictions those years or something.) The school sent consent forms home for MMR along with whatever else they were doing at the same time - BCG? meningitis? - and I ticked yes for those but no for the MMR - no probs. (Easier when you're not face to face of course.)

3½ is very young, juniper. Will he be starting school in September at just 4? If he is then this could be considered an early pre-school booster so I would hold out for July/August at the earliest - if not then he shouldn't have it for another 15 months (if then).

Janh Tue 09-Mar-04 11:14:51

Actually it's just dawned on me that they probably kept asking *because* I kept saying no! Durr!

twiglett Tue 09-Mar-04 11:15:02

message withdrawn

coppertop Tue 09-Mar-04 11:24:28

I think I will soon be in a similar position. Ds1 (3yrs 8mths) and ds2 (13mths) have both had the first MMR. Ds1 will be starting school in September so we'll probably be getting an appointment through the post soon for a booster. Ds1 is autistic (not related to the MMR though) and was ill after the first MMR. It's hard to tell if it was the MMR itself that made him ill or whether he picked something up from the hospital where he had to have the injection. My instinct is to at least delay the booster, and maybe avoid it altogether.

Janh Tue 09-Mar-04 11:28:52

This BBC News page is very useful - loads of links, possibly too much information but worth a look.

suedonim Tue 09-Mar-04 12:22:40

I refused the MMR booster for my youngest and I've never heard a squeak from the clinic since.

Freckle Tue 09-Mar-04 13:13:59

My 3 have all had the booster as part of their pre-school booster regime. However, I did separate it from all the other boosters at that time. I think I left about 3-4 months between the other boosters and the MMR. It just seemed a huge amount for little bodies to cope with. Mind you, I staggered all their baby jabs too.

If you have reason to believe that your child will have an adverse reaction to the jab (as your eldest did), speak to the GP or nurse about it. They might advise that it is better to postpone or to miss it altogether. 3 1/2 does seem a little young, but, with a lot of children starting school not long after their 4th birthdays, it's conceivable that he has been called as part of his pre-school boosters.

dinosaur Tue 09-Mar-04 13:24:05

Twiglett (or anyoen else who has researched this)

Can I just ask you a question?

When I asked about the blood test, I was told that the purpose of the MMR booster isn't to pick up the kids who don't already have the antibodies, but to extend the immunity for a longer period than would otherwise be the case. Have I just been told a complete load of B*******s?

Jimjams Tue 09-Mar-04 16:14:02

dino primarily its given to catch the children who were missed, but if it did work the first time it will incdidentally act as a booster (as would exposing your child to a child with measles btw). I have a very interesting hippy helath care book here and it argues that the best thing for vaccinated kids is to be exposed to children incubating measles as this will boost immunity.

dinosaur Tue 09-Mar-04 16:16:22

Thanks Jimjams. Now, where do I find one of those...of course if we believe the Government scare stories, they must be legion...

Jimjams Tue 09-Mar-04 16:23:17

lol dino. I'll give you a shout if ds2 gets it (or should I say when as the epidemic is just about to break out yet again). Probably vaccinated ds1 will get it and unvaccinated ds2 won't

Janh Tue 09-Mar-04 16:27:46

dino, I was looking up immunisation schedules this morning and different countries do boosters at dfferent times - in one (I think it was Hungary) they don't give the MMR booster until 11-12, not 4-5.

juniper68 Wed 10-Mar-04 09:49:42

Thank you for the messages. I've read them and also spoken with my homeopath and have decided not to get the MMR. He's supposed to have the Hib vaccine today too but I can't make my mind up about that either. He doesn't start school until September 2005. I'll probably get the blood test sometime in the future.

dinosaur Wed 10-Mar-04 09:52:27

Janh - that's very interesting.

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