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Moderate but continued irritability/stress etc

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pamelat Mon 10-Feb-14 16:51:16

Hello, I don't post as often as I did a few years back but I am hoping that you lovely people can give me some advice

I have seen my GP's about this several times and they are not concerned. They don't think that I am depressed (I think that I had undiagnosed PND with my first child, shes now 6, and that although its gone and didnt come back with my second (and last!) child, it really affected me)

On the surface I am coping with life well, which is why GP's wont do anything smile

I am exercising 3 times a week, I am working hard, doing most of the childcare (husband works long long days) but I do not feel that I am coping.

I am off work sick today, it sounds silly but I have had such a headache all weekend and it ended with me being sick last night and in the night.

Its better today but I "needed" some time out.

I am irritable a lot. Always with DH (that relationship is very rocky but we are talking about it all and hopefully will work through it). He drives me insane by just being near me, my fault not his most of the time.

My tolerance to anyone and everything is really low sad

I find that if I am with just one of our children, then I can cope. I am happy. As soon as I am with both, I just cant cope and I end up over reacting and shouting at them, especially my DD (shes the older one)

I feel dreadful about that. She and I had an afternoon to ourselves for the first time in ages at the weekend though and it was lovely

I know that my life is no more difficult that most other parents, n fact a lot easier than some, but I just dont feel able to cope with it.

I have today bought Kalms tablets from Boots for the first time, has anyone tried these? they say that they releive stress, irritability and strains so at £4 that seems cheap!!!

Any non prescribed advice would be great.

Oh and my blood pressure is high, it used to be very low.

GoAndDoSomeWork Mon 10-Feb-14 22:13:48

could your iron levels be low - can cause tiredness - try some spatone from chemist - is easily absorbed and doesn't cause the usual symptoms or iron tablets! Sounds like you are really busy - Are you eating enough and getting enough sleep? Is there anyone who can look after the kids for a weekend so you go and do something relaxing by yourself or with your DH?

Sleepwhenidie Mon 10-Feb-14 22:15:24

How much 'time out' do you get in a normal week?

pamelat Tue 11-Feb-14 18:11:12

I'll try that iron thing
Hormonally I think I'm very up and down, or rather normal and down.
I get time out in the evenings, from 730ish until sleep. I guess that's pretty standard though?
Alternate weekends I get an hour whilst dd is at a class and we take it in turns to drop her and wait. It's lovely to just sit and read
I only work 3 days but have my youngest the others. He'll start school in sep though and then ok work 4 days but have one day to myself ;)
I'm not sure about those kalm things as I took 2 and felt very odd. Like I wasn't there and my tongue felt too big to speak!!! I think I'd be too conscious of looking and acting strangely.
I went to gp this am before going back to work but again he's not concerned.

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