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pain after root canal

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hopehopehope Mon 10-Feb-14 13:46:35

Hi, I had root canal work on a premolar tooth carried out over two appointments after suffering tooth ache for several months which didn't settle. The second part of the root canal was done last Tuesday and has had a white filling put in for now which will be replaced with a crown in a few months time.

I was in agony before the root canal. After the first appointment the temp filling was too high causing pain on chewing (using the other side)and I had to have it filed down. It didn't settle and at the second appointment last week the dentist found a second canal that she had not been able to see the first time due to all the infection in the tooth. Both canals were cleaned out and filled. X-rays seem fine with no signs of infection and both canals treated according to the dentist.

My filling after this second appointment was again too high and I returned the following day to have it filed down. I was told it might still be too high and to return in a week if it didn't settle down.

Since the weekend I have been in pain again. Ibuprofen and the occasional Codeine help but don't take away the pain. Tapping the tooth hurts and the corner of the tooth that feels too high is very tender. It doesn't help that I grind my teeth quite badly and am waiting to collect a mouth guard at the end of the week for this.

My GP has given me antibiotics in case of infection this morning and I have got another dentists appointment for later this week.

Has anyone had something similar happen? From googling it appears at best it could be the ligament holding the tooth being inflamed causing the pain and at worst the nerve not being properly removed? I'm so tempted to just have the tooth pulled out as I've spent months in pain but it's a side tooth and it would be noticeable when I smile widely until I could get a bridge put in.

Elibean Mon 10-Feb-14 14:11:34

You poor love. I can't help, but am bumping for you - tooth pain is the worst.

Blueuggboots Mon 10-Feb-14 14:15:35

It could well be because the filling is too high - this means that your tooth is constantly hit by the other teeth and becomes irritated, especially when you grind.
Due to all the messing about with the root canal work, you may find that whole area is tender. Go back and let the dentist reduce the filling a bit. Might take a while to calm down.

hopehopehope Mon 10-Feb-14 14:30:36

Thank elibean, am feeling sorry for myself! Blueugg, thanks for the advice. Hopefully the filling and grinding is causing the pain. I had four molars out at once when i was nine under local anesthetic and the bleeding/numbness took a day to stop so am a real baby when it comes to a possible tooth extraction.

jalopy Mon 10-Feb-14 16:32:54

I had a problem with my root canal treatment. Initially after the first treatment I had awful pain. The dentist gave me antibiotics but it didn't improve. It transpired that I had had a bad reaction to the temporary filling they put in. It was so swollen and painful. It was a strange pulsating feeling. The dentist had to remove it and pack it with some sort of dressing that reduced the allergic reaction. The relief was immense. Once the permanent filling was put in I had no problems thereafter.

Mrsmorton Mon 10-Feb-14 17:53:16

Your GP was wrong to give you antibiotics because they are not indicated in this case and in most other cases that GPs prescribe them for

It's normal for a tooth to be sore to bite on after RCT, that coupled with a high filling will have caused bruising to the ligament which holds the tooth in (periodontal ligament) and causes pain on biting so once the filling is reduced slightly, you should be fine.

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