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DVT 4 weeks after giving birth to my 2nd child!!

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francull123 Sun 09-Feb-14 11:37:35

I would like to share my story and would like to see if anyone has experienced a similar thing???
I'm 24 and is usually a fit and healthy women , September last year I have birth to my 2nd baby I had a lovely water birth and had a healthy 8lb 7oz baby boy all was going well until I got our of birthing pool and on to bed to deliver the placenter! I asked for the oxytocin 3 times but the wifwife was adiment it would coming naturally! After a few tugs and pulling on it by midwife if came and to cut a long story short not long after I had a heavy bleed and was kept in over night for obsivation and was so weak I was immobile for a about 10 hours and want given any stocking s or heparin! I got discharged with severe aneamia and went home!
4 weeks after I noticed pain in my groin area and went straight to my GP they done urine samples and told me to come back next day by the second day the pain had spread into the top of my thigh area and I was finding it difficuikt to walk so they rang the hospital and they wouldn't see me !!! Gp was no it happy and sent me home and told me to wait as she will try and get me scanned asap by the afternoon my symptoms worsened and leg started to swele so rang GP and she finally got me a refetal to surgical team I went up goit examined my 3 surgeons which one of who me was a senior they assured me it wasn't anything serious and I had a muscle injury from birth so I was kept in over night and was seen the next day my the proffesor who discharged me and advised MRE to wait for an outpatient scan ;
Over the course of the weekend my symptoms n got really bad and by Monday my one leg was twice size of the other and purple my GP sent me back up again and I was seen my another doctor who when I explained I wanted a scan and I think I may have a blood clot told me I wasn't urgent enough to be put in for a scan and he sent me back home so on the Tuesday my GP had had enough and rang and told them she wanted me dealt with as I had just had a baby and am in extreme pain I went back up and got seen by the 6th doctor who was the registra he performed a dopla scan on me and found I had a clot ! I was given clexine and stockings and told to go back up next day '
I went up next day which was the Wednesday and had an ultrasound scan that confirmed u had a very large clot in my femoral artery!!! I'm now on warfarin and am suffering anxiety and panic attacks from this I feel let down my the NHS and feel my trauma could have been avoided and I now have life long consequence from this and have to young children ! I just want to be better and feel me again I'm hgutted this has happened I really am!

SockQueen Sun 09-Feb-14 17:53:23

There is an increased risk of DVT in pregnancy and in the weeks afterwards. It is possible that having the stockings overnight during your stay in hospital may have marginally reduced your risk of a clot, but it wouldn't be safe to give clexane/heparin to someone who had just had a big bleed, so they did the right thing there.

However, you say that the clot was in the femoral artery, not the vein? If so, that's not a DVT, and the risk factors for arterial clots are different. It sounds like you had a really stressful time with all of this, and would benefit from talking it all through with a doctor who understands and has time to explain everything and talk about your options. You may not have to stay on warfarin forever, and even if you do, there is no reason that it should affect most of your day-to-day activities in the long run.

francull123 Sun 09-Feb-14 18:00:06

Sorry its next the femoral artery my mistake

francull123 Sun 09-Feb-14 18:02:28

I come off the warfarin in april so I would have had a good 6months on it ! I would like to take a preventative for the future to reduce my risk of recurrence and this is my biggest fear in case I don't have any symptoms and I have a PE!

SockQueen Mon 10-Feb-14 14:00:16

If you get pregnant again they may recommend you have clexane injections again, but I'm not totally up to speed with all the obstetric guidelines so I can't guarantee it! There are other things you can do to reduce your risk like maintaining a healthy weight, not smoking etc. Your GP should be able to talk through future plans with you.

2snugglets Mon 10-Feb-14 14:21:38

You poor thing! I had a traumatic birth as I had a blood clot in my womb which meant I couldn't deliver placenta. They took me to theatre but with no anaesthetist so no pain relief and had a manual removal followed by large clot spilling onto floor and large blood loss. I was completely traumatised mostly by the pain and the lack of after care. It took two days before I was given a blood transfusion, no one had bothered to check and only from me saying I was too weak to lift baby!!

That was nearly four year ago, really wish I had said something, filled a complaint earlier because I'm still badly affected and don't trust the NHS at all now.

My advise would be to take it further

Oh and I've since had tests done ad found out I've got factor 5 deficiency.

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