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ems748 Thu 06-Feb-14 07:41:02

After suffering many symptoms, irregular bleeding, abdominal, left leg, hip and back pain, gas, bloating, and tiredness, my doctor ordered many tests. Firstly internal exam, which showed a scar and brusing, then an abdominal scan, while there i had an internal scan, the results of this showed a cyst (size of golf ball) on my left ovary and fluid in the womb. I also had the blood test CA-125, which came back normal. When I went to see my GP about the scan results, he did seem a bit cagey and in my opinion at a loss as to what to say. He did mention cancer, and when I choked and started to well up didn't reassure that it could be nothing, he just handed me the tissues. He gave me a form to give to reception to receive another form to make appointment with a gynaecologist. When i got home, i didnt have to time to phone, as it was nearly the school run, when I returned I had a plumber coming out (never rains but it pours!) so still hadnt phoned. However my home phone rang twice and mobile too. WHen I finally did get to phoning the appointments, they had already tried to get in touch and had appointment already made for me, as I hadnt noticed on form it was an urgent 2 weeks max appointment. I am worried, I wouldnt be human if I wasnt, but not sure which way to turn. Also not sure how accurate or reliable on its on the blood test is. Sorry for going on. and thank you.

AndIFeedEmGunpowder Thu 06-Feb-14 07:52:03

What a shock. I'm so sorry you have this horrible wait ahead of you.

I think it is really good you are going to know what is wrong so you and your doctor can make a plan and deal with whatever it is.

You can get through this. flowers

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