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Ovarian cyst

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FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 17:23:03

Just had scan results and GP told me they found a 5.7 cm cyst on my left ovary. I've been getting mid cycle bleeding and though I was menopausal!

Anyone had one of these.?I did google but it's too scary.

I'm now waiting for a gynae appointment.

pinkflower1 Wed 05-Feb-14 17:25:54

I had a 10 cm cyst on my ovary. Had to have it removed when I was 17 weeks pregnant but all was fine.

FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 17:44:12

Did you have to wait long for the operation?
What symptoms did you have?

nikkihollis Wed 05-Feb-14 17:46:36

I had one last year. I was 52 at the time. Apparently they're very common when you are approaching the peri-menopause or menopausal, as the eggs seem more prone not to properly. Mine was just over 5 cm's when they initially scanned it. They called me back for a re-scan about 6 weeks later which showed it had started to shrink so they didn't take it out.

The way I understand what they told me, is that if they're a fair bit over 5cm's and are causing problems (pain, heavy bleeding etc) they usually remove them but if they're around 5cm's or just over, they seem to re-scan to see if they've started to shrink (which they very often do apparently. They are only very rarely malignant I was told

HoratiaDrelincourt Wed 05-Feb-14 17:48:59

I had one a similar size. No bleeding, but excruciating pain - admitted ?ectopic ?kidney stones, for reference.

Removed by keyhole. Complete recovery within weeks. Conceived DC2 and DC3 on the remaining sliver of ovary.

Good luck and don't be scared.

BadgersRetreat Wed 05-Feb-14 17:52:59

i had one about 5 cm - no symptoms at all, found by chance.

They did a re-scan just before i was due to have it removed and it had disappeared!

FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 17:53:43

Thanks for the reassurance.

They said it was dermoid cyst and they will do biopsy. Did you have this? What's it like?

I've got to admit a the bleeding is now worrying me. I just finished a period 10 dates ago. It was heavy yesterday, it's just been spotting until now.

Wondering how a cyst can cause bleeding?

FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 17:54:14

Nikkihollis. Did it disappear completely?

FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 17:56:27

Badgersretreat. Did they say what caused it to disappear?

HoratiaDrelincourt Wed 05-Feb-14 18:05:56

That's what I had, OP.

It caused bleeding because of how it was growing on the ovary, bypassing normal circulation. In my case the bleeding was internal but yours must be leaking down the fallopian tubes and out that way.

Dermoid cysts are often made of non-flesh materials such as hair or bone <puke>. It's just when a bit of tissue goes a bit bonkers and tries to make a baby on its own without enough code - that's how my consultant explained it.

FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 18:10:27

That makes sense Horatia. So the bleeding is coming from the cyst? Or ovary?

Non flesh material. Bleeeeee. That is unpleasant! I was thinking fluid filled. Feel a bit nUseous.

Allso today I had bad headache and flashing light in one eye. Migraine? Never had this before. Could it be Psychosomatic now I know what is causing bleed and discomfort?

NirvannahCrane Wed 05-Feb-14 18:13:47

I had one about 8 years ago. 9cm by 14cm. I named it George.

I had it removed surgically, not through keyhole as they weren't a hundred percent sure that it wasn't malignant. So I now have a cool 8 inch scar down my abdomen.

I had no symptoms, I just felt that something was not right in there.

YouStayClassySanDiego Wed 05-Feb-14 18:15:44

I had ovarian cysts which were monitored for two years with scans and blood tests.

Eventually , the one just kept getting bigger so in the end [and for endometriosis] I had a hysterectomy as I was fed up of the 3 monthly trip to the hospital

Not meaning to worry you, that's just what my experience was, all fab now!grin

BadgersRetreat Wed 05-Feb-14 18:16:50

No they just said they do that sometimes - which is why they sent me for a second scan. She had opened a woman up once only to find it gone, so she always scanned before surgery to be sure.

piratecat Wed 05-Feb-14 18:23:09

hi there, all i know is that there are different types. have you been in alot of pain?

dd had one in her ovary 2 yrs ago, it was a hemorrhagic cyst inside, so it bled into the ovary causing it to swell, she was in agony for two weeks before they took us/me seriously.

with this type, it went down by itself, had it not she would have had to have her ovary removed. She was just ten at the time sad

i hope you get it sorted soon.

nikkihollis Wed 05-Feb-14 18:49:20

Mine was a haemorrhagic cyst. The consultant radiologist said they often start to shrink without any treatment which was why as it was just over their 5cm threshold, she suggested re-scanning it.

When I went back it was down to 3.5cm and I didn't have any pain or crazy bleeding by then, and she said she was happy to leave it but to go back to the gp if I had any more problems. I don't know if it disappeared completely but I didn't have any more trouble with it.

I think I've had another one since then that has done the same thing. The GP referred me for another ultrasound but by the time the appointment came through, the symptoms had gone so I cancelled it. He said cysts are really common at 'my age'! Ha! Though you can get them at any age.

FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 18:49:37

Nirvanaah grin. That made me smile, naming your cyst.

Hysterectomy is a major op. Hope I won't need that.

No no pain just a bit of discomfort and my abdomen feels bloated all the time. If it's bleeding not into ovary but out I guess that's why there is no pain?

Did anyone else have incredibly heavy periods with flooding on day 2 and 3? That was why I initially went to GP with this.

FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 18:51:34

Cheeky man " at your age". How very dare he!

Did you have a biopsy nikkihollis?

YouStayClassySanDiego Wed 05-Feb-14 18:53:11

Don't think about hysterectomy, it was two years before i underwent it after the initial GP visit.I hope I haven't alarmed you, apologies if I have.

I had dreadful periods but my visit was due to abnormal bleeding, the cysts were discovered after I was referred for scans.

BadgersNadgers Wed 05-Feb-14 18:59:16

I had an endometrioma on my right ovary, was shockingly painful and causing me fertility problems. It was removed during DS1's birth (elective section), it was wonderful to get rid of the pain.

FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 19:00:05

Did the abnormal bleeding continue throughout the period they monitored you, or did it come and go?

Glad to hear all is now well. Please dont apologise. Its reassuring to hear all your different experiences.

I have my family do a hysterectomy wouldn't be the end of the world if they felt it necessary.

FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 19:00:20


FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 19:03:15

Piratecat. That must have been very frightening for her and you. I'm glad to hear it went away of its own accord.

YouStayClassySanDiego Wed 05-Feb-14 19:05:38

Abnormal bleeding happened only once, it was after sex [sorry for tmi] so I became concerned and made the appointment.

It didn't happen again but the wheels were put into motion and after an internal at the appointment the GP referred me [ she said I had a bulky cervix? hmm iirc] which later revealed the cysts at the scan.

FlyingDucky Wed 05-Feb-14 19:10:51

I have been spotting after sex too. grin at bulky cervix! I had cervical erosion bleeds after sex during pregnancy so I thought it was that.

I even did pg test a couple of months ago !

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