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Weird Rash developed .. 31 weeks pregnant .. should I worry?

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twiglett Mon 08-Mar-04 09:55:31

message withdrawn

StripyMouse Mon 08-Mar-04 10:28:13

twiglett, has the rash died down now you have stopped coughing or is it still there?
If it is still there and really obvious, I would give NHS Direct a ring and see if they know of any link bt. inhalers and rashes or will just advise you to make an appt. with your doctor. Hope it sorts itself out soon. Don’t leave it if it is bothering you - the stress alone is just not worth it.

Tallgirl Mon 08-Mar-04 10:50:18

i would definitely get it checked out with a doctor - dont know anything about being related to inhaler though. Dont want to worry you but i know there is some kind of rash which can relate to something to do with the liver so best to be on the safe side. I've given up with NHS direct as they are run only by nurses and at the end of the day will only tell you to ring your doctors. Sorry that is just my opinion.

Hope i havent worried you too much - i'm sure everything is fine.

let us know how you get on!

twiglett Mon 08-Mar-04 11:55:36

message withdrawn

prufrock Mon 08-Mar-04 12:08:07

You really are suffereing aren't you twiglett. I am still occasionally getting really bad retching sickness, and after every bout I have exactly what you describe all over my neck and face - I think it's the physical exertion of the coughing and vomiting. Mine takes a few hours to dissapear completely

nutcracker Mon 08-Mar-04 12:11:15

I always get that on my face when i've been sick, and dd has too a couple of times. The doc told me it's just tiny blood vessels bursting, when you are retching. Hope you are feeling better soon.

twiglett Mon 08-Mar-04 12:13:38

message withdrawn

Toots Mon 08-Mar-04 12:20:52

Poor you. DD had this last week. Also told by GP it was broken blood vessels caused by vomiting. So sorry inhaler not working to prevent cough. Works for me... Do you need a higher dose?

twiglett Mon 08-Mar-04 12:23:00

message withdrawn

SofiaAmes Mon 08-Mar-04 21:21:31

My ds got this with one cold. A "rash" on his chest that didn't blanche with a glass. Had a fever at the same time so I freaked and ran off to paediatric a&e. Turned out to be burst blood vessels from coughing so hard. He gave himself a bloody eye another time from coughing so hard.

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