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Has anyone had or considered genetic screening for general health?

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NewName123 Mon 03-Feb-14 16:12:33

As in cancer, heart disease etc. I would consider it if I thought it may help me change my lifestyle for a more healthy future?

waterlego Mon 03-Feb-14 16:26:34

I have had seen a genetic counsellor re cancer, as there has been quite a lot of it in my family, and I have become quite paranoid about my health.

The counsellor looked at my family tree and asked loads of qs about the types of cancer etc. She found that there were unlikely to be any genetic links between the cancers so I didn't have any actual physical tests.

Now that I know that I have the same chance of getting it as anyone else does, you'd think it would make me want to minimise the lifestyle factors that increase the risk...and I do. But as yet, I'm still smoking.

And it occurred to me that had there been a genetic link, that would have perhaps given me a green light to carry on smoking anyway, as my attitude might have been 'well, I'm going to get it anyway'.

I think this sort of thing can drive you mad if you're not careful. Lead a healthy life, avoid stress and keep your fingers crossed!

Matildathecat Tue 04-Feb-14 12:06:37

Never trouble trouble til trouble troubles you wink

Surely it's better to live as healthily as possible anyway whilst enjoying life to the full?

Who knows anyway? You could drive yourself mad with worry then get run over by a bus.

There was a very interesting survey on here a while back on attitudes to and ethics of genetic testing. It was extremely interesting.

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