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Ovarian cysts/period pain in agony

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TheOriginalNutcracker Sun 02-Feb-14 18:27:54

Sorry to post about this again.
I had a scan on 23rd, I've got 2 large cysts and extensive signs of endo.
Have been referred to gynae

I'm on my period and the pain is just so bad, even tramadol is t working.
I'm so sick of this hmm

Lauren83 Sun 02-Feb-14 19:28:58

I know this feeling, I was exactly same, had 2 laps last year and much better now, one of my cyst was 15cm, you tried oramorph or butrans patch? Naproxen is good too xx

RandomMess Sun 02-Feb-14 19:30:43

Blimey sounds hideous. What drugs can you mix with each other for maximum relief?

TheOriginalNutcracker Sun 02-Feb-14 22:03:20

Haven't tried any of those Lauren but I'll ask if I can get in docs tomorrow.
Glad to hear things are better for you.

I've taken every available combination of drugs I can with the tramadol but I'm still in so much pain and now I feel sick too hmm

TheOriginalNutcracker Sun 02-Feb-14 22:21:01

I'm off to a&e I just can't cope with it any longer

RandomMess Sun 02-Feb-14 22:21:52

Sounds like a very wise decision - can these things burst?

I hope you get seen quickly flowers

TheOriginalNutcracker Mon 03-Feb-14 11:02:03

They can burst yeh.

Unfortunatly the trip to a&e was the worset i've ever had. I was seen by triage and given paracetamol, even though i said i'd been taking tramadol and they hadn't touched the pain.
They said to let them know after half an hour if i was still in pain, which I did and then I waited another 2 hours for them to give me anything else.
They gave me more tramadol and some diazepam.

Finally saw a doctor after being there for over 3 hours, and he basically said, nothing they could do and sent me home.

I got home and managed to sleep for an hour, but then woke up in even more pain than before. Had a bath to try and ease it but it didn't work, and I was then sick.

Took some co-codamol once the sick feeling had gone and then thankfully slept for a couple of hours.

The pain is a bit better now, and I have a gp appointment at 2 to hopefully get yet more painkillers.

RandomMess Mon 03-Feb-14 17:05:34


How did you get on at the drs. Hopefully you're over the worst of it and will get something done urgently following your hospital appointment.

Of course they could have grown and be twisting your tube - that is supposed to be incredibly painful indeed.

If no improvement back to A&E?

TheOriginalNutcracker Mon 03-Feb-14 23:09:27

Thanks for asking random. The doc has given me naproxen, which i can take with the cocodamol if needed.

Have slept most of today and i'm feeling a little better now. The pain will start to subside over the next few days too. My referral to the gynae has been sent so hopefully it won't be too long until I see someone.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 04-Feb-14 06:46:56

Sorry you have been feeling so awful; this is all likely due to the endometriosis. I also wonder about the cysts; I sincerely hope that they are not "chocolate cysts" as these are endometrioma and linked to endo as well.

Were A & E aware that a gynae referral was being put in place for you, its a pity they did not themselves put you forward onto a gynae ward.

Can GP chase up the gynae referral; you really need to see a specialist asap.

TheOriginalNutcracker Tue 04-Feb-14 11:59:07

Hi attila, when I had the scan, the sonographer called a more experienced sonographer in to have a look as there was so much to see apparently. She said that scans can't pick up endo, but they can pick up signs of it, and in her opinion I have extensive endo and the cysts are chocolate ones.

I did tell a&e about my referral, but if anything that made them less interested. My referral has only just been sent, but I am going to ring the right dept later in the week and ask how long it will be, and also to tell them that I am available at any time if they have any cancellations.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 04-Feb-14 14:05:22

Sorry also to read the news that the sonographer gave you.

I'd call the gynae dept once every week if you can manage that to see if there are any cancellation appts available. In the meantime as well do keep a daily pain and symptom diary too if you are not already doing so.

RandomMess Tue 04-Feb-14 16:18:31

Blimey, how horrendous. I hope you manage to get a cancellation.

TheOriginalNutcracker Tue 04-Feb-14 17:59:38

Thanks both smile

The pain and when it happens is imprinted on my brain tbh as it always follows the same pattern. I get about 4 days in the whole month where I don't have to take painkillers.

All of the medical professionals seem so unconcerned about it though, like it's a common cold or something. I wish they would realise how painful and debilitating it is.

AttilaTheMeerkat Tue 04-Feb-14 20:42:03

Do make notes of all the types of pain and patterns it follows along with other physical symptoms.

My endometriosis went undiagnosed for many years (my problems with it I know now started at 14) and I had many of the classic symptoms associated with it, not least of all pain.

Some professionals are aware and I was lucky to have a good gynae but I found that the GPs I saw were generally woefully unaware. I told one GP who stated that endo was uncommon that endometriosis was actually the second most common gynae problem seen in women after fibroids. is a good website with lots of information on it.

Keep us posted as to developments.

RandomMess Tue 04-Feb-14 21:00:40

I'm horrified at the attitude that you should live with that level of pain when there is something they can do to massively improve your life angry.

Remember your rights to a 2nd opinion if you don't get anywhere with your consultant.

ems748 Wed 05-Feb-14 07:02:54

I have had an ultrasound scan, intravaginal scan which did show a cyst on left ovary and fluid in the womb. I firstly had an internal exam by my GP due to the following symptoms - bloating, irregular bleeding, frequent urination, gas, pain in abdomen and left leg, hip and back. Also some tiredness. I received scan results from GP saying I had cyst, and he sent me for a CA-125 bloodtest, and i have an appointment to see specialist Gynaecologist next week, on a 2 week referral. The GP seemed a bit cagey, and seemed at a loss as to what to say. What can I expect from the Gynae appointment, as I have had so many tests already. I am quite scared, due to the symptoms and because of what has been found. Thanks

TheOriginalNutcracker Thu 06-Feb-14 19:46:18

Hi ems, i think the gynea will just explain to you what they have found so far and wether they intend to treat it or just watch and wait.

Did they tell you what the result of your ca125 test was ?

TheOriginalNutcracker Mon 10-Feb-14 20:08:20

Ive got my appointment grin

Was able to use the choose and book system, so instead of my very local hospital I'm going to Birmingham Womens Hospital. I had ds there due to pregnancy complications, and hopefully with them being a hospital for women, they will know what they are doing.

26th Feb can't come soon enough

RandomMess Mon 10-Feb-14 20:47:58

Shame you have to wait until then. I hope they do something!!!!

ems748 Tue 11-Feb-14 06:41:28

From how my GP spoke, it seemed a bit not good. The test was normal, but I am not counting my chickens just yet. Appointment is tomorrow, and I am trying to keep busy, but it is playing on my mind. I think it is with all the symptoms I have been having along with how my GP reacted.
Hope all goes ok with your appointment OriginalNutcracker.

TheOriginalNutcracker Tue 11-Feb-14 21:35:32

Good luck ems. Let us know how you get on x

ems748 Wed 12-Feb-14 06:38:08

Thanks originalnutcracker, I will do, appointment 3.30 not sure how long I will be x

TheOriginalNutcracker Sat 15-Feb-14 14:22:23

You ok Ems ? Hoping no news is good news x

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