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Prescribed Noriday and Oestrogen to address Adenomyosis pain - scared

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RoRoMommy Fri 31-Jan-14 12:33:19

Hello everyone - I've suffered with adenomyosis for over a year. The crippling cramp pain is getting worse. I met with my gyno today and he suggested that 6 months without having my period might help. He prescribed Noriday 350mg tabs and Oestrogen gel two measures (I think this is 2mg) a day. He seems to think the Oestrogen will address any issues that the norethisterone might cause, and that Noriday, being a very low dose pill, is the best for me (as I have been sensitive to hormone treatment in the past - e.g., Yasmin).

I just hoped someone, somewhere might have any insight for me?

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