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Heavy periods

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napoleonsnose Fri 31-Jan-14 10:50:04

I'm 41 and for the last few years have had heavy periods - usually days 2-3 are the worst and then it tapers off. However this month it has been horrendous. I've lost count of how many tampons I've got through and even the super-plus ones are only lasting about an hour. I'm on day five now and its showing no signs of letting up at all. Its funny though as usually I get lots of nasty cramps, but this month I have had no pain at all. I've noticed a few smallish clots, but nothing awful. Should I visit my GP? I've read on the NHS website that ibuprofen can help to stem the flow so I've taken some of that to see if helps. Usually I'm popping painkillers like a goodun' but as I've been painfree this month I haven't needed to. Maybe it just seems heavier because I haven't needed to take any. Any advice appreciated.

GirlsonFilm Fri 31-Jan-14 18:40:39

Yes go to the GP, they'll probably recommend a mirena coil or the pill to slow down or even stop your periods. I ttried the coil with no success but am now on the cezrette (sp?) pill and now only have a couple of days of very like period each month.

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