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Pizotifen and migraines

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BurnThisDiscoDown Thu 30-Jan-14 22:32:43

I've recently started getting migraines, they're frequent and last for about 3 days each time, so my GP has prescribed me pizotifen as a preventative. Apparently weight gain is a common side effect, and it sounds really shallow but the thought of gaining another 2 stone terrifies me. I'm not exactly skinny now! I also suffered from an ED when I was younger (recovered a bit too well!) and I'm worried about feeling out of control with it. Is there anybody who's taken them and hasn't gained weight? Or if you did how much was it?


BurnThisDiscoDown Fri 31-Jan-14 10:09:20

Hopeful bump!

BurnThisDiscoDown Fri 31-Jan-14 15:28:46

Anyone? sad

Sleeptillnoon Fri 31-Jan-14 20:10:49

Hi Burn, I've had experience of being on pizotifen and stopped taking it because of the weight gain, and also because I hated the sensation of being horribly hungry all the time (obv the cause of the weight gain!). It was a while ago, and I can't actually remember whether or not it did its job of preventing migraines.

Anyway, I wanted to say two things - 1) it doesn't affect everyone the same way, so you might well escape the weight gain. 2) there are lots of other migraine treatments you can try if you don't get on with the pizotifen. I've had success with low dose amitryptilline as a preventative, and sumatriptan as a treatment when I do get one. There are many other things they can try, so you do have a choice.

Hope this helps.

BurnThisDiscoDown Fri 31-Jan-14 21:41:50

Thanks for sharing your experience with it Sleep, I picked up the prescription today so will start tonight, I won't know til I take it I guess! I wasn't really expecting to be offered prophylactic treatment to be honest, I've only recently started getting the migraines and thought the GP would give me painkillers rather than anything else. Will be nice if it works though!

Edenviolet Fri 31-Jan-14 21:43:53

Ds1 has been on pizotifen since he was 2, he is now 7. We were warned about weight gain but he is actually underweight although is always starving.

He also has rizatriptan for any breakthrough migraines.

Lonecatwithkitten Fri 31-Jan-14 21:44:07

My daughter takes it brilliant for the migraines, the hunger drives me crazy - how do you tell a 10 year old they are not really hungry it's just the medication.

jctall79 Fri 31-Jan-14 21:46:23

watching with interest and much sympathy here! I've suffered for years but now take Maxalt Melt rizatriptan as a fast acting cure. ive actually got some Piz whatsits already but I'm too scared to start them. hoping they are a miracle cure for you xxsmile

Lauren83 Fri 31-Jan-14 23:17:14

I was prescribed these last month, when they warned me about weight gain I thought that's fine what's a few pounds, but I was eating constantly, I was stressed if I could get good was even waking in the night and eating, only managed a week

I have also been on amitriptyline and sumatriptan

Lauren x

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