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Are there any dentists here please?

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CleoBrown Thu 30-Jan-14 22:31:48

Sorry, I've posted this in Chat too but didn't know if this was the 'proper' place for it?

Feeling v sorry for myself, I'm wondering if anyone can give me some advice?

I had really bad jaw/tooth pain before Christmas and went to my dentists who checked my teeth including the one I thought it was, and x-rayed, said nothing was wrong. 2 weeks of agony, doctors and OOH visits where no one could advise and it finally went away after lots of painkillers.

Yesterday, eating an orange a huge part of my tooth broke off it s the same tooth I thought it was, and now I'm stuck - I,m not sure if I trust my dentists enough to call them and ask them to fix it, but I'm in pain now. The tooth has a filling in it already, which is now exposed.

I define ly can't afford anything like the treatment it says on the Internet (crown most possibly) but mostly I'm so so cross I didn't push for a second opinion on my tooth before. I was in so much pain i cried leaving the dentists before Christmas, i didnt argue with them, idiot that i am. I've looked online but private cover won't start for 3 months and if I can't afford 214, I definitely can't afford 500 for private to change dentists.

Does anyone know what might happen if I rebook to see my dentists? What do I say? What will they do?

It's a molar I think it's called, not a front one at least (thank god for small mercies)

Any advice very much appreciated. My poor jaw/ear hurts a lot.

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