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coeliac disease

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HaveYouHeardOfGoogle Thu 30-Jan-14 20:32:05

My mum has it and says that the Genius bread is lovely. The bread she used to get was like cardboard hmm

wishicouldstopworrying Thu 30-Jan-14 20:29:12

Another coeliac, dx 16yrs ago. Never eat gluten on purpose as I'm SO ill on the odd times I have accidentally had some. My way of managing is also not ideal. I have a really boring bland diet because I'm too tired to cook complicated things, so I prepare simple things for the DC and end up with baked potato for me. Get fed up of having to think about it every day and I know I tend to focus on the things I can't eat, instead of getting on and trying to make things work for me too. Try to be positive in front of the DC in case one of them ever develops it, but I hate it, it makes me really sad.

vikingpooboat Thu 30-Jan-14 20:15:46

I've just found out I'm anemic and low vit d so now on 10,000 units of vit d for 8 weeks and iron tabs. I think I try and ignore the fact I have cd and also cooking 3 different meals etc ..I'm lazy I guess.

CMOTDibbler Thu 30-Jan-14 19:07:37

I've been diagnosed 15 years, and only get glutened once a year or so. I've never purposely eaten gluten, but I was so ill before diagnosis I know its not worth it.

Why do you think you purposely eat gluten? Is it rebelling against the diet, or that you can't find gf food you like

notapizzaeater Thu 30-Jan-14 17:59:57

Coeliac ds - he would never eat gluten willingly - it makes him so ill for 2 weeks.

Ohwhatfuckeryisthis Thu 30-Jan-14 17:57:31

Had it long time and it is still pain in bum. I ignored for ages as symptoms went away, only for it to return with a vengeance last year and to be found to be quite anaemic. I am back on it, made everyone at work aware, including canteen so I get nagged if I get too close to cake. There are lots more nice things in sainsburys and tesco now, bread is still meh. But the flour makes nice cakes. I'm pretty crap, but pm me for a chat if you want.

vikingpooboat Thu 30-Jan-14 17:45:52

Newbie alert just joined today..

Has anyone else got CD and struggling with the gf diet? I've been diagnosed over a year now and still slip up/purposely eating gluten foods.

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