Small perineum tears...not birth-related

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peking Thu 30-Jan-14 17:30:35

Hi all

Just hoping for some advice, as have been to GP twice about this and both times they've given me a prescription for steroid cream, which hasn't worked and I'm reluctant to use as it thins the skin.

I've had about 4 or 5 thin, small tears along my perineum for the last 2 years or so now, which are extremely itchy at times and bleed a little after going to the toilet. Last night I woke up with a gasp because it was so itchy - I think this was the skin's attempt to try and heal, but it just splits open again soon after.

I've not given birth, am not pregnant AFAIK - just TTC. I've had full STD checks and the GP seemed a bit baffled as to what they were. I have slightly dry skin so thought my perineum might be sensitive and thin too, and perhaps something has caused the skin to stretch and split.

Any remedies or at least sympathy from those in the know? It's starting to affect our sex life as (TMI) I'm not willing to open my legs too much in case I cause splits again sad

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KateMoose Thu 30-Jan-14 21:48:48

I have really sensitive skin round there too. Try changing your loo roll or switching to washing/ reusable wipes soaked in lavender solution after a poo instead of paper. Sounds silly but try nappy cream too. Boots plain old zinc and caster oil is good and it also cured my split lip (on my mouth!) overnight! You could put some on before going to the loo and then afterwards too. What washing detergent do you use? That may be causing an allergic reaction. Also, steer clear of uncomfy pants-sounds obvious, but any likely to go up your bum won't help. Sloggi shorts are fab and there is no knicker line either.

When you go for a wee, pour a jug of water over your bits whilst weeing to stop the wee stinging the broken skin. Support your perineum with your hand (and flannel) when pooing to stop it getting stressed. And last but not least, try to eliminate sugar and sugar forming foods like bread from your diet and treat your DH/DP for thrush. He might be inadvertently causing the problem. HTH.

KateMoose Thu 30-Jan-14 21:50:04

Also, if you wax, shave, deplilate, apply immac, whatever, stop doing it. Makes the world of difference.

ItsAllGoingToBeFine Thu 30-Jan-14 21:51:03

And no scented sanitary wear, and if you wear panty liners every day try not to.

peking Thu 30-Jan-14 21:53:18

I can't stand the thought of scented anything down there, so no chance of products irritating it - and I use non-bio washing liquid.

I think a case of mild thrush years ago might have caused it initially and now it's just getting more and more sensitive. Thanks for all the tips - I'll see if they work for me!

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breatheslowly Thu 30-Jan-14 21:56:59

Have you had a swab for thrush?

Has the GP suggested a diagnosis?

Does the steroid work at all? What steroid is it?

I'd push to get referred to a vulval dermatology clinic.

KateMoose Thu 30-Jan-14 21:58:43

You might even be allergic to that washing liquid. DD is allergic to fairy. Try Eco balls instead. Also, I thought of taking regular E and complex B vitamins. I think it's either a B6 or 12 deficiency that can cause small skin splits.


RosinaCopper Thu 30-Jan-14 22:01:27

What you're describing sounds like something I suffered with (still have the odd flare up). Mine turned out to be Lichen Sclerosus, which is an autoimmune condition, and there are various things that can be done to manage the symptoms, although as far as I'm aware it is incurable. That said, I haven't has a flare up for months now. Unfortunately, it needs a vulval biopsy to be properly diagnosed and having that done isn't pleasant!

The itching at night has been awful in the past and I remember being told by a GP to use some bland emollients on the skin and even they burned and stung a bit because the skin was so sensitive. Nappy cream also stung. I used to get blood from abrasions caused by sex too. You poor thing, I hope you get it sorted out.

NomNomNom Thu 30-Jan-14 22:04:11

Are you sure it's not herpes? The small tears that keep appearing are a symptom.

There was a thread here somewhere some time ago - sorry, I can't remember what it turned out to be.

1966gettingold Thu 30-Jan-14 22:17:24

I have linchen Scerlosis sounds the same, not many gps are clued up on it.

breatheslowly Thu 30-Jan-14 22:29:46

I have lichen sclerosus and was diagnosed without a biopsy. However I have also had recurrent thrush which LS can make you prone to and can be hard to differentiate from the LS.

peking Thu 30-Jan-14 22:35:59

It might be a mild skin infection, but the skin all around looks very clear and not very red, apart from the small splits.

Vaseline helps quite a lot and stops the itching for a while but isn't a long-term solution.

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peking Thu 30-Jan-14 22:38:19

Oh and I eat lots of foods with B6 and diet is generally good with little bread (makes me bloated anyway...) so think it might be just generally a crappy thin skin condition!

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Loulou2212 Tue 18-Dec-18 18:57:00

I’ve suffered with this condition for years seed diff dermatologists who recommended different creams etc but sadly nothing seems to help and at the moment mine is very bad, I use dermol shower cream and and l emollient lotions, changed my washing powder etc but nothing helps, very occasionally it does seem less sore and irritated but I’m not sure why this is. Sorry I can’t be more positive

Wearywithteens Tue 18-Dec-18 23:35:10

I’m thinking herpes...

Batty18 Wed 31-Jul-19 23:22:42

Hi does anyone have any ideas that can help. I'm at my wits end. I have been suffering with soreness and it hiness down below for months now. I've tried everything. Creams pessaries etc. Still no better. It wakes me up at night as well.
Been to the doctors about it but they said I have a vaginal prolapse so they wouldn't perscribe anything because of it. My perineum is also split.

Gingerirish Tue 11-Feb-20 03:17:15

I’ve had the same issue too for the past two years. Been prescribed many different things such as daktikort, Fucidin
Fucibet, Daktarin, Cannesten Pessary + oral Tablet, Timodine, and Fluconazole Tablets 50mg every day for 2 weeks alongside cannesten HC! Have had no luck with any of them, they’d always clear it up for about two weeks before they reappeared. I’ve been referred to a dermatologist but the waiting list is so long I doubt I’ll see them anytime soon. I’m only 22 and have no children, so it worries me a little....

daffodil2020 Mon 16-Mar-20 18:20:33 this still an active thread...I’m new to mumsnet and reading this thread has been really helpful after months of discomfort x

jackwanger Fri 10-Apr-20 06:42:20

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lozpants Tue 06-Oct-20 16:52:35

Hi sorry this is an old thread, I was wondering how this affected you in childbirth? I've had the same issue for years on and off and now I'm pregnant I'm really worried about how bad I'll tear in labour due to it already being sensitive.. thanks in advance x

Cordillera Wed 14-Oct-20 11:15:40

I suffered many years with this, putting Vaseline on all the time,steroid ointment calmed it for a bit, I used gentle wet wipes to thoroughly clean after a poo. But it was still there.

The thing that finally cured it for me, unless it's a coincidence, was eating probiotics in the form of kimchi and proper fermented sauerkraut. A year after I started that, it cleared up and hasn't come back. It could be the probiotics boosted my immune system or changed gut flora enough to wipe out whatever was causing it. Seriously, I had an itchy bum for something like 2 decades shock

For PP asking about childbirth, I gave birth years ago and had a minor tear stitched up no problems at all so I wouldn't worry about that. Your body will be full of the good hormones that make you not care anyway.

lozpants Wed 14-Oct-20 12:01:35

@Cordillera ah that's reassuring thank you! For years I struggled with it and went to the doctor and constantly got fobbed off with thrush when it definitely isn't 🙄 so it's nice to know other people have had the same issue!

Cordillera Wed 14-Oct-20 13:19:38

Yes it does help finding out other people have the same things, esp things we don't find answers to irl. love Mumsnet for that grinGood luck with your baby!

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