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Boosting general immune systems in the family

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ThreeBecameFour Thu 30-Jan-14 09:15:36

In the last 3 weeks our family have been hit by colds, a nasty flu/throat/ear type virus and a vomiting bug. We are a family of 4 and the kids at 5 mo and 2.8. I know our toddler is likely to be sharing the bugs from nursery and it is the time of year to get all sorts of nasties. Can anyone recommend how we can boost our immune systems to be in the best shape we can to fight things off a little better? We take vitamins and have a good diet but we are all very run down and one bug after another and the sleep deprivation is taking it's toll! Any advice gratefully received.

chocoluvva Thu 30-Jan-14 10:08:21

Aww. Poor you. It's such a rubbish time of year at the best of times ...

A supplement described as containing multi anti-oxidants might help. Also elderberry extract eg sambucol, zinc - you can take quite a lot, vitamin c, olive-leaf extract and probiotics. Also mushroom supplements - eg reishi mushrooms. The latter used to be prescribed to Japanese chemotherapy patients to help get their white blood cell count back up after the pounding by the chemotherapy.

Wheat grass and barley grass powder is supposed to be helpful too (Tastes pretty revolting though)

There are some informative online-sites selling supplements which have suggestions for supplemenst for particular health issue such as women's health, immune boosts, digestive issues, recovery from sporting injuries etc. Higher nature and Bodykind are reputable.

I think some of the best brands are viridian, solgar, pukka, quest, nutri, higher-nature and biocare.

Kundry Thu 30-Jan-14 22:42:39

Medically speaking you can't really boost your immune system but many things are sold saying they will and many people swear by them.

Really your immune systems have just proved how amazing they are by fighting off all that stuff - they don't need help. For kids their immune systems are learning as well so if they haven't met the bug before, they will get it, boosted or not. The most effective thing you can do is major on the hand washing.

If it helps, it's normal for a child to get 7 bugs a year - so you have 2 kids, they won't always get the same bugs so you could be looking at 14+ bugs a year (some of which you will catch), all of you with very healthy immune systems.

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