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Fenton's Procedure

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Janbo25 Mon 31-Jul-06 20:47:54

Hi, following having my ds 18 months sex as been very painful, after finally going to the doctor's and being referred to a gyny they have booked me in for the above procedure, to remove scar tissue following the ventouse delivery of my ds.
However I am not really scared of the general anesthetic and was hoping for some advice and opinions of people who have also had the procedure done??

KeepingQuiet Tue 01-Aug-06 19:12:46


foxinsocks Tue 01-Aug-06 19:19:49

my sister had this done (Fenton's) along with the removal of a cyst and a gland somewhere in there (or node, not sure what it was ) after she kept getting infections again and again.

She was abroad when she had it done but I do know that before the op was done, she even found walking painful so whatever I say about what she had done, I have a feeling she may have started off in a worse position (iyswim!).

She found it quite sore for a number of days afterwards and got one of those healing pad things you can use after birth.

It can't have been too bad because she has told me recently that she's expecting number 3 so I guess it all went back to normal pretty quickly afterwards!

leilasmummy Thu 10-Aug-06 17:14:39

Hope you don't mind me joining this thread, but I have a second gyny appointment next week to discuss repairing a badly healed episiotomy after forceps delivery. Still not decided if I can face going ahead with more downstairs unpleasantness though! I'd also really like to hear if anyone has had this done? Is this the same as Fentons procedure?
The first consultant I saw said he'd recommend having it done under a general btw.
Sory for the hijack! And good luck with it Janbo

buzzybeem Thu 10-Aug-06 21:25:32

I've had the procedure (long before having children, as it happens). I was uncomfortable for about a week, but only pain for a day or so. I've never had a tear or stitches, but my impression is that its very similar to that experience (but without the new baby and lochia!)


Waswondering Thu 10-Aug-06 21:30:03

I had a GA to investigate my damaged episitomy site/scar tissue in 2004. I was terrified at the prospect, but awoke in no pain. I didn't have Fentons, but it really was ok.

I think as mothers our fear of GAs increases . . . I hope you'll be fine and that things are better.

Incidentally, I was given glass tubes in increasing sizes to use afterwards, to insert as a mechanism of gently stretching the scar tissue. (Don't usually post things so personal but have been in the same boat as you!) Might be something to ask for.

FrannyandZooey Thu 10-Aug-06 21:36:56

Leilasmummy I had surgery following a bodged episiotomy and while it was not a bed of roses I am very glad I had it done. Everything is now fine down there. I had it done with a spinal block as I wanted to avoid GA while breastfeeding my ds. So I was actually conscious for the procedure - not something I would want to go through every day. The pain immediately after surgery, when the spinal wore off, came as a shock to me, but soon settled down.

leilasmummy Fri 11-Aug-06 11:38:36

Thank you
I know what you mean about being wary of ga when you're a mum Waswondering, but think I'm way too squeamish now for a local/spinal. You are brave FrannyandZooey! Glad it's OK now.

FrannyandZooey Fri 11-Aug-06 12:00:45

Well tbh Leilasmummy I have a bit of a phobia of GAs so it was not so brave as it sounds. I was advised to have a GA but ds was only a few weeks old and breastfed, so I held out for a spinal. It was ok. The worst bit was really lying there the whole time, knowing that about 6 people were standing gazing at my ravaged fanjo

Waswondering Fri 11-Aug-06 12:08:26

I told my surgeon and anasthetist I was bf, so was first on the list. The anaesthetist gave me an appropriate anaesthetic (remember, c/s births under GA are still able to bf . . . )

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