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Tamoxigang New Year, New Thread, *46*

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BetsyBoop Thu 16-Jan-14 06:42:42

<Puts all the left over Christmas chocolate on the trolley in the hope one one else will eat them>

Hands round a brew for everyone.

BetsyBoop Thu 16-Jan-14 06:54:28

That should of course be some one else....

Kitkat - good re glucose levels smile Are you still taking the metformin? (I need to ask my onc about that when I next see him) not long for your op now smile

Gigs I hope you are feeling better after your transfusion?

Goodness please keep ranting grin it's better out than in!

Lily great to her from you smile

Marshy good to hear your return to work is going okay, take it easy. smile

<waves> to everyone I've missed, sorry if I've forgotten important stuff, still waiting for chemo brain to get better...

Well I'm 9 done, 6 to go on rads, so nearly done. smile Only very slight pinkness so far, which seems to all but settle down again overnight.

jchocchip Thu 16-Jan-14 07:06:29

Hello tamoxigang! Happy belated new year. Just saw the new thread in active convos. Hope you all have a good day.

I'm trying to avoid mumsnet at the moment as have found the other boards scary. Posted under a dif nn and got accused of all sorts as had no history. Was just trying to be anonymous because it was work related. I miss the lovely supportive place that is tamoxigang but mn makes me late for work!

GoodnessKnows Thu 16-Jan-14 07:20:58

Oh no, jchoc. That's awful (being jumped on for trying not to let others see personal things by name changing). It's a dangerous world out there (MN) unless you're in the poop. Then, it's a ruddy great lifesaver!
Honestly, I think I'd still be in the Lonely-Scared place if I hadn't found this group.
I'm apologetically self-absorbed but thankful for you allowing me to run in, dump my worries n run away again... countless times. Got to be honest, the whole thing scares me which is partly why I can't 'open my eyes (read) other messages v often.
Maybe you could put one line to begin comments in 'dangerous places'? Not sure what... anyone?
Going for pre-op today. Making it all too real. Freaked out but readying myself - and that's just for the crappy car park. smile
Betsy, thank you for 'encouraging me' to rant and get it out. Hopefully, not too many others will be cursing you for it wink.
Really, how are you?
Marshy, take it easy.
Betsy, how much more of the rads do you have to go?

kitkat1967 Thu 16-Jan-14 07:29:07

Betsy - yes still on a lot of Metformin (4*500mg) per day but hopefully I will get to reduce that at some point. On the positive side it kills your appetite so good for not putting on weight whilst lounging around and lunching!!

Hi jchoc - stay with us - we can talk about work issues.

Tiny100 Thu 16-Jan-14 08:51:26

Just marking my place. Not well at the moment. Collapsed at the genetic testing appointment on Tuesday and have raised temperature, so now on stronger antibiotics to fight infection. Also have oral thrush. God, this is pants.

Good Luck to Goodness for today and KitKat for tomorrow.

Am now going to stick my tongue in a pot of yoghurt!

GoodnessKnows Thu 16-Jan-14 08:51:47

It's not even 8.30am and here we go round the mulberry bush:
And here we go again:
Just had call from the hospital. Nurse off sick
Short staffed
Can't have pre op today
Can I come tomorrow.
She complained that she couldn't hear me
I explained that I was on the (XXX) school run.

I'm finding it's harder not to swear at the moment. Thankfully, I didn't.

GoodnessKnows Thu 16-Jan-14 08:55:32

It's 8.30 in the xxxx morning. I'm on the school run. I'm a mummy. Find the clause that says I'm exempt from all this! Or, if you can't, leave me the hell alone until 28/1.
Can you tell I'm angry and frustrated? They're forcing my head out of the sand.

malteserzz Thu 16-Jan-14 09:22:07

New thread well done Betsy !

Jchoc I agree stay with us and see if we can help with your work issues. Sorry you've been upset elsewhere

Goodness what a pain you can't have your pre op today. Rant away we've all done it !

Tiny big hugs for you sorry you're feeling rough. Oral thrush is vile have you got medicine for it ? I had drops to put on my tongue and swish around in my mouth, I can't remember what it was called but got rid of it in a couple of days.

Just watched finding mum and dad from last night about children waiting to be adopted, heartbreaking sad

MomOfTwoGirls2 Thu 16-Jan-14 09:26:08

Tiny has the hospital checked your bloods, after collapsing and having a raised temperature? Are you in your 'low immunity' week?

In November, when I felt very weak, and got a temperature, it turned out my nutrophils were extremely low, and I needed IV antibotics several times a day.

BetsyBoop Thu 16-Jan-14 09:32:01

jchoc, I agree post it here and we will help if we can smile

goodness - that's pants sad It's frustrating that some (luckily I've only come across a couple, most are fab) medics don't realise you just can't put your life on hold and work around them when you have kids that depend on you to do things like school run.... (I've 6 more rads to go, so nearly done smile )

Tiny <gentle hug> welcome to the chemo "swooning" gang there are a few of us around. smile I hope the thrush clears up soon (that was one thing I actually avoided grin) - This too will pass my lovely smile

Malt - are you feeling a bit calmer about rads today? Honestly you will be fine smile

Kitkat - I could do with an appetite suppressant...!

I'm sat watching Jezza, I can tell it's time to start thinking about going back to work as I'm starting to find it annoying!

BetsyBoop Thu 16-Jan-14 09:33:11

yes tiny I agree with mom (x-post) I'm assuming the hospital have done a blood test to check you aren't neutropenic?

Gigondas Thu 16-Jan-14 09:44:28

Betsey and mom are right to get checked tho it could just be a

Goodness I think a good swear is on order after that call.

Eyes propped open as mini gig up several times In night. Think it's teeth but could be just arsing about.

Gigondas Thu 16-Jan-14 09:45:10

Doing too much given you are not great (can't really shift those genetics appt easily tho).

malteserzz Thu 16-Jan-14 09:54:33

Betsy you need to turn over, wanted down under is much better ! I'm ok, still worried about it , also think he wasn't as positive as my surgeon is. Whereas at the last appointment it seemed to be good news that no more nodes were affected this time it seemed more doom and gloom that the sentinel node wasn't clear. Also he said a few strange things like I was having rads because I didn't have a mx which has never been a choice.

Gigs grr to mini gigs getting you up in the night you're still welcome to send her to auntie malt I'm usually awake anyway !

BetsyBoop Thu 16-Jan-14 10:10:18

gigs grr re mini gigs nocturnal activities.

malt - don't get hung up on it - medics are very good at just stating facts without thinking about the impact of their words.

It is just a fact that everyone who has a lumpectomy has rads, some who have a mx don't (I think it's only if it is close to the chest wall, or like me you had a large tumour) It has been shown in numerous studies that lumpectomy + rads (for those where lumpectomy is an option) has the same prognosis as a mx, and you get to keep your boob, so for you that was the best option, and just as "safe" as a mx.

It is a fact that your sentinel node wasn't clear, but it's also a FACT that the chemo did it's job as if there was any activity in any of the other nodes it had sorted it. That is a really GOOD FACT as that means you KNOW the chemo worked and that means it will have also done the same to any naughty cell floating about elsewhere. Have confidence that it's done its job.

Rads is just belt and braces as we are so "young" grin

Marshy Thu 16-Jan-14 10:13:21

Hi all, just taken my son to have his first brace fitted and now about to do the school run with him. He's 16 so it's a bit of a novelty grin.

Planning a restful day. Good luck for rads malt and tiny sorry to hear you're feeling so yuck - it doesn't sound very nice at all sad

BetsyBoop Thu 16-Jan-14 10:13:38

and I REALLY hate it that the iPad autocorrects its to it's, in the wrong place where it shouldn't have a bloody apostrophe, and I don't always spot it....

chemo did its job


reallyreallyworried Thu 16-Jan-14 10:25:50

Hi all

Think I need a virtual Kick up the backside!! Or a shop where I can buy back some confidence!! Any ideas!!

I'm due in for Chemo tomorrow at 10 and I REALLY don't want to go sad I mean really don't want to. I'm sat here crying just thinking about it. (yes I know how pathetic I sound)

The bloody annoying thing is, it's not the Chemo that bothers me. It's the fear that I end up having another bad experience, and I can't deal with anymore!

I've lost confidence in the unit and I'm scared. I just want to finish work today and then disappear until Monday. I don't want to waste anymore time worrying about what 'might' happen next.

Sorry. Don't even know why I am writing this. None of you can do anything. It's me that has to pull myself together and stop being so stupid and pathetic.

Gigondas Thu 16-Jan-14 10:33:25

No you don't need a kick but a hug as small wonder you are upset given your recent experiences.

Can anyone go with you? If not, can you write a list of what you would /dont want to happen so you can speak up about things with the mn " that doesn't work for me'. List might help as will stop when the brain turns to mush when actually walk in.

Also when do you next see your dr as you really need to speak to them? As well as proper pals complaint - that nurse last week really deserves it both barrels.

kitkat1967 Thu 16-Jan-14 10:37:18

ReallY - sorry you feel so apprehensive. I don't know if you have time but when I didn't want to go in for number 4 my onc prescribed a mild sedative (lorazapan I think - didn't take it as chemo was cancelled) - so get yourself to the GP or onc and get help.
Sorry - don't want to sound bossy but I know what it is like to think you won't make it in. It sounds like you will need something to keep calm tonight.
What number will this be - it's about no 4 isn't it?

BetsyBoop Thu 16-Jan-14 10:42:38

really - have you got a good BCN? If so ring her and talk through what happened last time. She can talk to the unit and help ensure you have a better experience this time. If not I'd go a little early and ask if you can speak to the sister in charge and tell her what happened last time and how you felt, they will look after you if you are feeling wobbly, but they need to know about it, so tell them smile

My unit were fab - I fainted when they were putting the cannula in on chemo 2 I think it was, nothing to blame the nurse for (she was in fact the most lovely nurse on the chemo unit) I'm just not good with needles, I have a propensity for fainting, it was a hot day etc... When I went for my next chemo it was in my notes about fainting and they were so kind to me, even though I felt absolutely fine that time.

BetsyBoop Thu 16-Jan-14 10:43:37

x-post with lots of good advice from kitkat and gigs too smile

reallyreallyworried Thu 16-Jan-14 10:45:17

Thanks gigs and kitkat yes it's number 4 so onto Tax. Which I'm honestly not worried about. It is just the going back to the Chemo unit!

I had a good chat with PALS the other day. She reassured me that (okay tried to reassure) the manager has been made aware of the situation and so has the manager above her! I won't be seen by the same nurse and the nurse I do have will be aware of the situation.

So why does that not make me feel any better? Maybe it's just me! Maybe I'm not as strong as I thought I was. sad

reallyreallyworried Thu 16-Jan-14 10:46:33

Thanks Betsy xx

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