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Mammogram frequency / safety

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NK346f2849X127d8bca260 Tue 14-Jan-14 12:29:36

I have been called for my first routine mammogram, however I had one done 2 years ago because of a lump that turned out to be an infection . I rang the number on the letter and told ( rather abruptly ) that if I did not attend know I would have to wait another 3 years. Is it ok to have them taken more frequently? Also I have scar tissue from a core biopsy and a burst abscess, I guess I will be recalled!!

summertimeandthelivingiseasy Tue 14-Jan-14 15:09:36

The mammogram system is rather rigid. They call women from each general practice on a 3 year rota, then give you an appointment to go to. You have to fit in with them.

You can leave it this time (you can always go back to the doctor if you have any lumps, bumps or worries) and go in another 3 years time.

Or you can go now if you would be happier.

Do what makes you happiest smile

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