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Excessive thirst

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Knottingley Mon 13-Jan-14 21:53:42

I never really realised that I drink more than most people until I started working in a small group.

You know, how when you go to get a drink you ask if anyone else wants one? I seem to be offering constantly and my colleagues' usual response is that they haven't finished the last one.

I'm only drinking water, so it's not caffeine or sugar I'm craving.

I had a diabetes test about 12 months ago as part of a regular check-up and I've had the same drinking habits for years. This isn't a recent change in consumption. Is there any reason to be concerned? Lots of water is good for us isn't it, but when does it become a problem? I'm not drinking loads to be "good" I really am thirsty.

Willthisworknow Mon 13-Jan-14 22:34:19

A lot of folk drink less than they should. I used to and used to get headaches. I started to consciously drink more water/ tea (weak tea) and I only get headaches now at time of month or stress! My mum used to think I was diabetic due to trips to loo but it was a nervous thing! If you're worried, you can always get tested at pharmacies but its prob everyone else who isn't drinking enough!

Bunbaker Mon 13-Jan-14 22:36:20

How much are you drinking?

Knottingley Tue 14-Jan-14 08:46:07

I drink hot water by the mug full and get a fresh one as soon as the last one is empty, whenever I am able (at work or home)

I never leave home without at least 500ml in my bag.

Wobblypig Tue 14-Jan-14 10:00:10

If you drink a lot for a period of time you temporarily and reversibly reduce your kidneys ability to concentrate urine so even if you drink less you will pass a lot of urine and therefore feel thirstier.

There are a number of medical reasons other than diabetes to cause thirst they are unlikely.

Bunbaker Tue 14-Jan-14 20:22:50

"I drink hot water by the mug full and get a fresh one as soon as the last one is empty"

Unless you are drinking very slowly that is an awful lot of fluid. I have gaps between my drinks as do most people. How do you manage if you are out and about?

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