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Unexpected tooth extraction

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FrogStarandRoses Mon 13-Jan-14 13:35:24

Had a routine appointment this morning to replace an aging filling.

Halfway through the procedure the dentist explained that she had discovered something called 'internal resorption' and that it wasn't possible to save the tooth.
So she took it out. It crumbled, cracked and generally fell apart but eventually it came out in bits and I have a huge gap!

I've had several extractions before and know the drill regarding protecting the clot, care of the socket, no mouth washes etc and I've been popping homeopathic arnica all day.

Any other self-care advice? I have a public facing job which I need to get back to ASAP - I'll take tomorrow off but hope I'm not looking too swollen and bruised by Weds. I'm using cold compresses on my face but my neck is beginning to stiffen up already (I was yanked about quite a bit).


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